AT HOP Roll Out Complete

Congratulations are in order


Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier
Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier


Like Transport Blog (Celebration time, HOP Rollout Complete) congratulate and note the completion of the AT HOP roll out that is now completed. The journey has been very bumpy with all sorts of set backs and stories running around all over the place. In a sense of irony Talking Auckland (through its first inception View of Auckland) was partially founded in reaction to the AT-HOP and Snapper disasters at the time back in 2011. But today a moment to reflect, note, congratulate and celebrate that this roll out of this “universal” Public Transport smart card is complete.

From Voxy

Auckland Transport completes AT HOP rollout

Auckland Transport has completed the rollout of AT HOP, its reusable pre-pay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses.

There are currently more than 250,000 AT HOP cards being regularly used by customers around the region.

AT HOP allows customers to use one travel card on different modes of transport and public transport operators.

The card was first introduced on the region’s rail network in October 2012 and has been progressively rolled out since then.

Auckland Transport chairman, Dr Lester Levy, says it is significant for further developing public transport in New Zealand’s largest city. He says the rate at which public transport users have taken to the new system so far bodes well for on-going patronage growth.

“Other transformational projects such as the fleet of new electric trains, improved reliability of all services and a major focus on customer needs and satisfaction levels are other vital elements in delivering a world class public transport system,” he says.

Auckland mayor Len Brown is a regular user of public transport and also acknowledges what a significant milestone completion of the AT HOP rollout is. “The transformation of Auckland’s public transport system is well and truly underway, and the completion of the AT HOP rollout is a critical part of that,” he says.

“I want to congratulate Auckland Transport for delivering this project in such an effective and timely way.”

The project has been delivered in partnership with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Dave Brash, the New Zealand Transport Agency’s group manager of Planning and Investment, congratulates the Auckland Transport-led team on the successful introduction of integrated ticketing into Auckland.

“Making public transport easier and more attractive for people is a key priority for NZTA. So, after seven years of development, and a $73 million investment from the national land transport fund, we’re pleased with the resulting sophisticated platform, underpinned by a national ticketing standard that could support integrated ticketing systems across the country.”


Source: http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/auckland-transport-completes-hop-rollout/5/185637

I use my HOP card when ever I travel on the train, bus or ferry and I personally enjoy using it with little issue. I detest carrying cash in the 21st Century so AT HOP just makes my life that much more easier when using the public transport system. Integrated Fares are on the way as Auckland Transport works through that and the service tenders (Rail starts next month) will no doubt have Integrated Fare provisions included for our public transport operators. If AT extends the HOP card to their parking buildings as a form of payment as well as one day maybe their Park-n-Rides that would be an extra one up for me (I know they can not start with using AT-HOP for parking yet until the IRD changes its treatment with HOP post June 2015, but we might as well get the ball rolling now in planning).  Further more we also have the roll out of the new South Auckland Bus Network starting next year in which all-in-all makes public transport just that much more attractive.


We still have a long way to go with things like the City Rail Link, the Manukau South Link, Pukekohe Electrification, more bus-ways, ridding us of paper tickets for something more robust like Sydney’s card tickets and so on. But lets put that to one side today, this week and take a moment, a reflection of the fact Auckland now has a universal public transport smart card.


I tip my hat and give congratulations to Dr Lester Levy and Auckland Transport with AT-HOP as an integrated ticketing scheme now fully complete.



Update on AT HOP and North Star

Another Set of Push Backs?


I managed to have the following brochure handed to me about AT HOP and North Star Buses. North Star run the North Shore to CBD routes and are provided by NZ Bus (part of Infratil and also those responsible for the Snapper Disaster (the smart card not the fish one).

The Brochure


Those astute readers will see the long lead in time and delays of the AT-HOP roll out for the North Shore. This is owning to some “glitch” (where have I heard this before) in the AT-HOP system that is slowing down the roll out.

Basically delays upon delays with dates pushed further and further back…

Nothing more needs to be really said on the matter as the situation and history speak volumes thus far – and will do so for a while longer to come…