Auckland Transport Finally Gets with the Program with AT HOP

From the Office of the Mayor Phil Goff 

AT makes changes to HOP card 

Mayor Phil Goff has welcomed changes, made at his request, to the Auckland Transport (AT) HOP card refund system.

There will now be an upfront warning telling people they need to tag on within 60 days and passengers who have not tagged on for 60 days will now have their money automatically refunded.

AT have begun a process, expected to take 18 months, to implement a full open loop system which means mobile phones and credit cards can be used for payment of trips by casual public transport users.

“When the issue first came to light, I had a discussion with Auckland Transport around the genuine public concern that people who had made online payments to their cards, but not tagged-on, could lose that money,” said Phil Goff.

“I am pleased with the constructive response from AT which has agreed to make some significant changes.

“This is a good outcome for our public transport customers and I welcome the recognition of the problem and the positive response to customer needs,” Mayor Goff said.


Took long enough AT especially after rubishing me for 6 years on wanting to use Credit Cards rather than a cumbersome HOP card like current.