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Standardisation of Library Hours

Extra Hours can be funded by Local Boards

One of the decisions to come out of the Long Term Plan debate over the last two days:

From Auckland Council:

Auckland libraries hold on to opening hours

Auckland Council’s Budget Committee has voted to standardise library opening hours, meaning changes proposed to reduce total library hours across Auckland will not go ahead.

It had been proposed in the draft 10-year Budget that library hours could be reduced to cut costs; however the committee took into account strong public feedback provided through the consultation process and decided the total number of opening hours across the region should stay the same, but be distributed differently.

Mayor of Auckland Len Brown says “Aucklanders have spoken, and we have listened and responded to their concerns.

“The consultation feedback showed how highly Aucklanders value their libraries, so in response to that, we won’t be cutting hours, but will redistribute them fairly to allow more equitable access in each area.”

These changes result in 27 libraries increasing their hours, 24 reducing and three, including the Central City Library, remaining the same. Several libraries, currently funded to be open for six days a week, will now open seven days a week.

One of the communities to benefit from this decision is Birkenhead, where the proposed reduction to its opening hours attracted a lot of feedback. Councillors and council staff took this into account and its seven day service will now remain.

Opening hours are generally 44, 48, 52 or 56 per week, except for Central City Library which is open for 67 hours per week.

Detailed work is still required to establish the exact daily opening hours for the libraries where hours will change.

Local boards may also choose to fund additional opening hours at their local libraries.