Councillors Briefed on Interim Transport Package

To be passed or denied on Thursday at the Budget Committee

From Auckland Council:

Details of proposed interim Transport Levy distributed to councillors

Details of the impact of the Mayor’s proposed interim transport levy on residential ratepayers have today been distributed to councillors.

Councillors will meet on Thursday and Friday to consider the report on the Long-term Plan presented to the Governing Body by the Mayor last week and make final decisions on Auckland Council’s 10-year budget.

Auckland Council signalled during its public consultation that if Aucklanders chose the Auckland Plan Transport Network, plus the Motorway User Charge to pay for it, it would need central government cooperation through legislation change to implement.

Anticipating that this would take time, there would need to be an interim transport levy to start raising extra transport funding straight away – this would be for a maximum of three years only.

“The proposed interim transport levy is in direct response to the majority of Aucklanders saying they are prepared to dip into their pockets to finally fix the region’s transport problems,” says Mayor Len Brown.

The levy would be complemented by NZTA funding, plus some borrowing, altogether raising $500 million over three years to kick start funding of essential new busways, cycleways and rail.”

Transport Levy LTP 2015-25 infographic Source: Auckland Council
Transport Levy LTP 2015-25 infographic
Source: Auckland Council


The Budget Committee meets on Thursday to discuss the budget (the Long Term Plan) before the Governing Body adopts it for operation later in the day (LTP goes Operative July 1)