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Main Stream Media Finally Getting There? [Updated]

Campbell Live following Metro Magazine and Radio NZ in Decent Auckland Planning Reporting


It was flagged in advance last week on Twitter last night’s Auckland planning piece on Campbell Live. And so the piece or rather three pieces showed on Campbell Live last night to positive acclaim by progressive Aucklanders and the Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse.

The three individual segments were:

Earlier last week there was an Auckland Conversations presentation (that I had to pass over) by Janette Sadik-Khan on how Auckland could use ideas from New York City to turn Auckland into a more pro-people rather than a auto-centric city.

Update: Below is the 30 minute interview with Janette Sadik-khan on her time in New York City with their transport and how their ideas could be translated to Auckland:


Having watch the Auckland Conversation piece on the net and the Campbell Live pieces yesterday I could feel mood swelling for wanting and building a 21st Century Auckland. However, I am cautious as well with the feeling we have a very high risk of stumbling at the first hurdle once out of the starting blocks. That stumbling at the first hurdle could either be from the wider Council itself (a watered down Unitary Plan for example) or the NIMBY’s not quite realising Auckland is a world City not some village in the south-west Pacific.


As for the Main Stream Media showing a more balanced view of Auckland planning such as that shown on Campbell Live last night, it has been a rather long time coming.

Metro Magazine, and Media3 (when it was showing) by Russell Brown as part of the Main Stream Media outlets have been pretty much on the ball with Auckland planning coverage since the first round of Unitary Plan feedback last year. Whether positive or a critique one could rely on these two MSM outlets to broadcast the news as Auckland works its way through getting its master planning manual sorted. TV’s One and Three were a bit absent until TV3 showed a concerted push with them through Campbell Live showcasing the Congestion Free Network earlier this year. The NBR I’ll give credit to as well with their coverage on Auckland Planning issues although the NBR is not as far-reaching as other MSM outlets. Stuff is there with the suburban reporters like former Papakura Courier journalist Dubby Henry being at public meetings and gauging the reactions to the Draft and Proposed Unitary Plans. Radio NZ with Todd Nial has been there since dot when the Unitary Plan was first released March 15 last year and I often find Todd next to myself and Bob Dey at the media table when Council committees meet. The Herald and our more conservative talk back shows are much to be desired in their Auckland Planning reporting with them often making the news rather than broadcasting the news. That said Duncan Garner is always an interesting one to watch of recent when he reports on what Auckland is up to.


The three individual pieces on Auckland’s planning by Campbell Live last night led to this Tweet by Deputy Mayor and Auckland Development Committee Chair (formerly the Auckland Plan Committee).

That Tweet led to an automatic reply from me (and further reply from the Deputy Mayor:


Essentially when the Unitary Plan was first released March 15 last year (when I was in Australia at the time) it was the bloggers and social media being at the forefront of the commentary and debate. Arguably I was the quickest off the blocks with this blog and my Twitter feed when the Unitary Plan first came out. Other social media outlets (both balanced, and shall we say tending more unhinged) took a little while longer to get off the blocks. I remember feeling a bit lonely covering the Unitary Plan debate in the beginning until the others came to the party. After that then some battles came along especially with one particular group from the North Shore.

But as the course drew on I became quite comfortable taking a leading edge in the commentary despite the limitation of resources others had at their disposal. In the end it was pointed out I was the most prolific Tweeter on the Unitary Plan last year.


Now as we work our way through mid 2014 and in preparation for the next round of submissions for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan the larger MSM outlets are finally giving more balanced reporting. As Penny Hulse did Tweet a shame they were not there in the beginning with the Unitary Plan. No matter the bloggers stepped up and we carried the can – in fact we still do 😉

That said good to see the Campbell Live pieces last night. I wonder if we can get John in to sit through one of the longer Auckland Development Committees when a more substantial item is on the agenda, say like QE-II Square 😉


Cycling – a Rehash

An Article and a Redux


I caught on Twitter yesterday this from Campbell Live:

So cue watching Campbell live for the cycling clip and article which you see here below

Future plans for Auckland cycleways announced

By  Thursday 30 Jan 2014 7:13p.m.


Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Campbell Live reporter Lachlan Forsyth took on Auckland’s traffic this afternoon to discuss the future plans for Auckland’s cycleways.

“We’re doing around 1000km of cycle pedestrian way, we want to do that over 30 years,” says Mr Brown.

Figures from Lobby group Gen Zero suggest Auckland’s per capita investment in cycling is woeful – $5.70 compared to Dunedin’s $14.90 and Wellington’s $21. At $37, Christchurch spends more than seven times as much.

“We have not been spending enough and we will be looking to spend more, reflecting a sentiment amongst Aucklanders that we really need to have the options up,” says Mr Brown.

The Mayor has stated that he wants a higher prioritisation of cycling projects against other transport initiatives, the construction of Skypath, and a $900 million 1000 km cycle network completed over the next 30 years.

Auckland Transport already has an annual budget of $1.1 billion, overseeing more than 7000km of road.The Skypath is a much needed link for pedestrians and cyclists over the Harbour Bridge, but Mr Brown says a final decision will be made in the next few months.

“It really depends on how we go with our discussions with the Northcote community and St Mary’s Bay community.”

One problem that cyclists often come across is traffic lights not registering them. This means the lights stay red unless a car comes along.

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Future-plans-for-Auckland-cycleways-announced/tabid/817/articleID/330403/Default.aspx#ixzz2rumaJya7

Long story short it is material already covered before and unless the 2015 Long Term Plan changes the funding allocation (discussion on the LTP is later this year) we will be maintaining the status quo in building cycling infrastructure. That said I have noticed the South Auckland Local Boards being proactive with adding more cycling infrastructure ranging from the green paint, to shared paths, to even the odd dedicated cycle path, to improving intersection crossings. While it is mainly remedial works to improve existing areas none the less the respective Local Boards seem to be doing more than other areas in Auckland.


Most recent piece of remedial works was here in Manukau (I’ll get pictures when next down there)


And some examples of cycling infrastructure that is already in place and being added to over time

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What does limit the Local Boards doing more is the piddly budgets they get from the main Council to carry out these kind of beneficial tasks. Sadly this 2014/2015 Annual Plan and possibly the 2015 Long Term Plan will see Local Boards get no more money to the point they could be facing cuts to their budgets. Rather unacceptable in my eyes as the Local Boards are more responsive than the Governing Body in tending to local beneficial projects…


Finally I noted on Campbell Live this:


To which I say it is time for the redux here: Cycling Accident Leaves Larger Questions To Be Answered

Some solutions that are short, medium and long term were all provided as examples.



The Last Year on Auckland’s Transport

Information Dump on the Previous 12 Months with Auckland‘s Transport


Will all the noise at the moment around The Congestion Free Network proposal AND the national transport issues thanks to Campbell Live last night, it might be a good idea to do an information dump on the 2012/2013 (July-June) cycle in regards to Auckland’s transport.

That is all transport in Auckland that is dealt with by Auckland Transport which excludes the State Highway network which is looked after by NZTA. So before anyone decides to have a moan about State Highway’s One and 16 and how much AT sucks there – err go learn something and actually bug NZTA. Auckland Transport have no jurisdiction over our State Highways…


The Information Dump

I have four attachments from the June 2013 Auckland Transport Board papers that the AT Board met over yesterday. You can find the agenda and full list of attachments HERE. What is embedded below were the relevant issues around Auckland’s transport especially in light of Campbell Live’s piece last night

Public Transport Monthly Patronage – June 2013


Monthly Transport Indicators


Auckland Transport Monthly Transport Indicators (Chart Form)

Just a note on two points in that document from previous enquiries I have made on two particular topics:

  • Glenora Road Station: Requires a Business Case Study to be conducted on the station before 2015. If Business Case study is good and Te Mahia Station is closed, then the station will be advocated to be brought into the 2015 Integrated Transport Program. Depending on the 2015 Long Term Plan funding the station could be operational by end of 2018.
  • Manukau South Link: Business Case and Operations Study under way with an estimate report back due late this year. In light of enquiries made AT see no particular reason why the South Link should not be built and operated at a set frequency from Pukekohe to Manukau via that link. In regards to POAL‘s Wiri Facility, no major issue per se but, I did make enquiries about the feasibility of shifting the facility down the road. POAL are looking into this.


Statistics Report –  June 2013


And so lets see what the 2013-2014 year brings in regards to Auckland’s Transport system and its users.


Congestion Free Network Idea Gaining Traction

Campbell Live Reports


And so for an entire 30 minutes last night, New Zealand got a Campbell Live show dedicated to one of the biggest issues in New Zealand. No it is not the GSCB (yawn) and no it was not about taxation (per se). It was about transport – the nation’s artery system for moving goods and people around that is not in a great state right now.

This would be owing to lack of proper investment in our transport network or Government investing in the wrong areas of the transport equation. Yes I am referring to the Holiday Highway up at the north end of Auckland.


However, I digress. Take a look at the full Campbell Live segment on the Congestion Free Network idea here:

The Congestion Free Network proposal


Might as well add the Manukau South Link to that CFN map. I know ATB does not think much of the particular link in itself however, that piece of infrastructure is a virtual go from Auckland Transport once the business case study is reported back late this year. The only thing that can effectively stop the Link from being built is not Port of Auckland’s Wiri Facility but rather politics in itself from Council or NIMBY‘s.


If one is also wondering why Auckland Transport and the Office of the Mayor are rather silent on the Congestion Free Network idea I did go send off some enquiries to both.

Auckland Transport have noted the CFN and will take a look at whether parts could be incorporated into the 2015 Integrated Transport Plan. That draft ITP is not due out for consultation until next year and will be heavily influenced by the Council master budget document – the 2015 Long Term Plan.

I also received a reply in brief from the Mayor’s office as well on the Congestion Free Network. A response is coming on the CFN queries I made under the “media” arm of my consultancy business (TotaRim Consultancy Limited) and should be with me soon. Once I have the response I will run commentary on it.


As mentioned in other posts, I support what Transport Blog and Generation Zero are trying to do in bringing Auckland forward into the 21st Century. It is by no means perfect nor pretty but, it is sure as better than what is in the 2012 Integrated Transport Plan.


Congestion Free Network = a #movingauckland which = a #BetterAuckland


A Cluster—-?

Someone Threw the Pipe Wrench into the Works


I saw Councillor Chris Fletcher’s comment that she was going to quit the Auckland Plan Committee workshops that are dealing with the Unitary Plan last night. I was going to look at that obstinate behaviour this morning however it seems to have caused a slight issue.

Then again with the barrow Orsman is pushing I am not particularly surprised this situation is floating around the Main Stream Media and social media realms this morning.

I will look at the consequences of Councillor Fletcher’s decision yesterday later on today. For the mean time apart from another issue that had me beavering away last I will take a look at Councillor Brewer’s piece on Campbell Live that should be giving Auckland Transport some necessary grief. Following that with some follow-up enquiries I have sent to Council on the workshops and what is going on there.


Honest reaction from me in regards to Councillor Fletcher committing the action she did yesterday? Okay sure I can understand the frustration she is venting. I did note last week that it was pointless to have the first workshop without the full information present (not due out until Friday) but, walking out? By definition if I give a presentation to the Auckland Plan Committee between now and formal notification in regards to the UP, if Councillor Fletcher asks me a question I would be inclined not to “recognise” her nor her question. This is owing to how can someone ask a question or give an answer if they have not being at the workshops to which I would be implying to on something (like Manukau).

So an interesting situation here folks, one that will be watched carefully.


Lesson From Melbourne

Auckland Transport: Take Note


Saw this via my Twitter feed a few moments ago:

Fare evaders allowed to do a runner

Michelle Griffin


Yarra Trams has ordered its inspectors not to pursue fleeing or aggressive fare evaders after a spate of attacks.

In an internal Yarra Trams memo obtained by 3AW, dated March 2013, ticket inspectors are told they:

  • Must not block the path of, or attempt to physically detain a person who attempts to walk/run away.
  • Must always maintain a safe distance between themselves and a person being spoken to – if possible.
  • Must not surround or corner any person being spoken to regarding an offence under the Act.

The edict was issued after 10 assaults on ticket inspectors on trams between January and March this year. According to a Yarra Trams spokesman, this is “slightly higher” than the number of assaults at the same time last year, and resulted in 15 minor injuries, such as sprains and bruises.

The edict effectively ensures that those who refuse to give their name and address and instead flee cannot be detained or fined.

This comes just as Public Transport Victoria orders an increase in tram patrols by inspectors, in an attempt to cut fare evasion to 7 per cent across the public transport network.

There have been several aggressive confrontations between inspectors and passengers reported in recent years.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/fare-evaders-allowed-to-do-a-runner-20130426-2iid2.html#ixzz2RWdwDPO7


This is happening in Melbourne while we have this per Campbell Live: “SERIOUSLY AUCKLAND TRANSPORT?” that I covered recently. No wonder why Councillor Mike Lee is jumping up and down red and blue in the face. But in acknowledgement and balance: Dr Lester Levy of Auckland Transport is actively working on this situation – a man I can trust as a ratepayer to sort what is best for both AT/Rail and the city (AUCKLAND TRANSPORT TO RE-THINK STRATEGY).


But Auckland Transport – take note of Melbourne please SO WE CAN AVOID Melbourne’s situation…