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Goff Fails Acid Test and Commits Fatal Error in Selection of Deputy Mayor #VoteAKL

Hulse is the only logical choice to hold the votes   A rather interesting news story came out yesterday about who Mayor-elect Phil Goff would select as his Deputy Mayor. … Continue reading Goff Fails Acid Test and Commits Fatal Error in Selection of Deputy Mayor #VoteAKL


Launching Turanga

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Where Next With The Len Brown Saga

Attempt with City Building Phase Part Two   And so yesterday the current chapter on the Len Brown Saga came to a close. From 10am to 1pm when the final … Continue reading Where Next With The Len Brown Saga


Long Day in Town Hall

Looking Forward to Sleep in Tomorrow


Today the last part of this particular chapter of the Len Brown Saga was played out with a Censure motion being moved unanimously. Although Part F of the Censure resolutions suite was voted on 15-5 with Councillors: Brewer, Krum, Cooper, Stewart and Quax voting against Resolution F (I will have the resolutions up as soon as the Minutes are published).

The No Confidence Motion was effectively killed off after advice from the Democracy Advisers stated that the motion was in breach of Standing Orders owing to a “double-negative” what ever that was.


From 10am until just after 1pm the Governing Body ground through in dealing with the saga before finally coming to the vote. More of this saga is still to be played out but for now the “official” action has been done at Governing Body level.

I will run full commentary on the proceedings at the Governing Body today including:

  • Skypath proceeds to next stage meaning the path could be operating by end of 2016
  • Living Wage got knocked back on an 11/10 vote
  • Draft Annual Plan to proceed to submission phase early next year


Otherwise that is it from me folks

Praise and Respect to our Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse who chaired the Governing Body as the Censure Motion went through the motions. Despite what some fringe nutters in a particular few areas on Social Media might or would like to think, it would have been unwise for the Deputy Mayor as Chair to take a stance outside of neutral. It would have been like a Judge taking a side in a Court Case thus compromising proceedings.

Also respect to Chris Fletcher for holding a level and mature head through the debate. Oh and telling Councillor Brewer to get a pink tutu and some ballerina slippers today made everyone choke on their drinks in surprise.

More on that and the rest tomorrow as for now I am going to get some sleep



Final Governing Body Meeting of 2013


Annual Plans

The Mayor


Today is the final Governing Body meeting of Auckland Council for 2014. I have the agenda and Annual Plan draft in the respective embeds below.

While I expect Skaypath to move on to the next stage today (13-8 should be the vote pattern) it is the Mayoral issues that are taking the limelight today (and most likely a good portion of the meeting).

I will be running live commentary and Tweeting today from Town Hall of the Governing Body proceedings. All About Auckland by Kane Glass will be running a live video feed as well for the open session.

In my final piece on the Len Brown saga before the Governing Body this morning I have seen this from the NZ Herald:

Deputy mayor Hulse refuses to speak up for boss

By Bernard Orsman 5:30 AM Thursday Dec 19, 2013

Deputy says councillors focused today on doing what’s best for Auckland as mayor fights for political survival
Ms Hulse would not say if she backed Mr Brown to stay on as mayor, only that councillors were focused on doing what was best for Auckland. Photo / NZ Herald

Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse is refusing to back her boss as councillors gather today to publicly censure Mayor Len Brown, whose extramarital affair has left him fighting for political survival.

Ms Hulse yesterday would not say if she backed Mr Brown to stay on as mayor, only that councillors were focused on doing what was best for Auckland.

She said councillors had clearly expressed to him the disappointment and concern about the reputational damage to Auckland arising from his behaviour and were left wondering how to address matters.

It was the second time in three days that Ms Hulse – Mr Brown’s deputy for three years – has not stood by him as he battles the fallout of a two-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

You can read the full article here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11174750


After I returning from the Governing Body today I will run a nice piece of long commentary into the saga and my own thoughts about it. It should show some interesting insights most likely to some mechanics of Auckland’s Governance.

Vote wise this is how I expect the votes to go down today:

  • Skypath: 13-8 in favour
  • Censure Motion: if not unanimous the vote will be 15-5 in favour
  • Quax‘s No Confidence Motion: two ways that can end up going (both failing mind you): either 5-15 or if a couple more jump on board then 8-12
  • Any attempts for an oversight committee will most likely pass 11-9

Will see how those predictions pan out today





The New 2013-2016 Term

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Unitary Plan Now going for Notification

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The Rural Urban Boundary (Committee Stage)

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A New Battle Plan

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Final Meeting before the Super 3-Day Run

Elected members meet for final Unitary Plan workshop


From Council

The Auckland Plan Committee today met for the final draft Unitary Plan workshop before decisions are made later this week. 

A legal overview and the draft Section 32 analysis, which is an evaluation of the process undertaken during the development of the plan, were discussed by councillors and local board chairs. 

Auckland Plan Committee Chair Penny Hulse says “Today was important in order to give elected members confidence that the plan has been tested and evaluated from a legal perspective and in accordance with the RMA.” 

Elected members were also taken through the process that follows notification including the submissions phase, engagement with Aucklanders on the notified plan, and information that will be provided to the public to explain the changes and assist with submissions support. 

The Auckland Plan Committee will start making decisions on changes to the draft Unitary Plan on Wednesday this week.



Still waiting on those 7000 pages of Tracked Changes before Wednesday so I can at least follow line by line what the Councillors are going through when making decisions on the Unitary Plan.

Again; I will be there all three days reporting live from Town Hall as the Council grinds its way through the formal decisions that will set the draft Unitary Plan ready for September 5 – and arguably formal notification.