The Rural Urban Boundary (Committee Stage)

Where will the People Go?


Tomorrow (Thursday) is the final day of the Auckland Plan Committee Unitary Plan Proceedings. After this (unless we get a Day 6 in which, whichever Councillor causes that should honestly be banished office for such a grotesque waste of our time and ratepayers money) the modified Unitary Plan goes to the Governing Body next week (a week late) where it will be decided what date the Unitary Plan will go out for formal notification. Of course there is always the slim chance that the Governing Body could send the Unitary Plan back to the APC after the elections for further refinement.

I will be again present for the final day of the Unitary Plan proceedings tomorrow as the last (unless Height in Centres is dragged up again) major issue is debated – the Rural Urban Boundary.

The Committee will decide whether the RUB and it subsequent zones (as shown in the map below) either stay get placed into the notified version of the Unitary Plan, or whether any amendments will alert the RUB and those again subsequent zones.

The RUB Maps


The RUB Adjustments (Massey, Flat Bush and Takanini)


Note: I have seen the Drury South Industrial Park being approved by the Commissioners that oversaw that particular application. Looking at the RUB Maps (attachment 8) I believe the proposed industrial site is there but, I will get clarification from the planners tomorrow.

You can see the Papakura Courier article in regards to Drury here:


The Rural Urban Boundary and Where WILL the People Go

In the “A New Battle Plan” post I had made two comments reflecting the unfortunate situation on how Brownfield development (even urban renewal can by hindered now) in urban Auckland has been hit through NIMBY planning controls. Those two comments were:

Lord Almighty some of our Councillors and Local Board need to be brought into the 21st Century with our planning – not the 1950s. 
With the constant voting down on height and realistically Brownfield development sites, some Councillors and Local Boards have buggered up the freer market and US – the people exercising our rationale, freedoms and choices. 

It means the housing has to go somewhere and it will be well outside the 160,000 houses allocated to the Greenfields inside the Rural Urban Boundary. It means we will need to go outside the RUB and this will be BEYOND unaffordable for residents and businesses in the City. 

Hope like hell to the Council that Manukau can take some of the brunt as we are going to need more that 18 storey Towers to take that load now shifted to the South as the Isthmus shuts up shop (and other areas as well)


The Unitary Plan Proceedings can be described as a war zone in whatever length you wish to describe it. You win some battles and you lose some as well. I have seen that so far with the amendments going backwards and forwards as Councillors and Local Boards try to remould the Unitary Plan for whatever ends or purposes it maybe

In the end though you are usually in for a the long war which your success will be measured by the adaptability one can display.

Like any good General or Admiral in a fight and seeing through the long war; the amendments that have effectively killed off most of the Isthmus advancing into the 21st Century forces one to adapt the strategy so that Auckland advances.

If you can’t advance the whole then you advance the parts that will benefit the most when peacetime returns. In this case with the Unitary Plan you forget parts of the Isthmus and The Shore and focus efforts to the West and South.

If I was the Deputy Mayor and the Planners I would leave those certain sections (not all of them as there is a good few in there) of the Isthmus behind in the 1950′s as our Museum pieces and refocus all efforts to the South and West in advancing those sections forward to the 21st Century.

I see in the Herald that the Waikato and Bay of Plenty are ready to lend their assistance and I am sure we of can enter a beneficial arrangement with them.

Oh yes Orakei, the market attractiveness factor will play its part – when all of a sudden mass amounts of investment, economic drive and consumption occur in an Alpha Class World City – Manukau, as the world likes cities that evolve and change as society and her people do.

The Freer Market and its investment will always seek more attractive places to invest – often those with more (and in this case) liberal choices and planning rules in comparison to those who have shut up shop via NIMBYism. 

Am I being rather harsh – well yes as: Manukau City Centre: We ARE Open for BUSINESS So what are you waiting for


Further views on the 60:40 split now under threat (which threatens the RUB) can be found encapsulated from the boys over at ATB as well in their respective post: “Will the Councillors be as worried about Sprawl?

Those that have commented in that ATB post are right and echoing the same thoughts I am in regards to the 60:40 split under threat and most likely needing some reworking.


So the question that I will be hammering home (or rather questions) to the Councillors and Local Boards tomorrow will be:

  1. With development opportunities now inhibited on the Isthmus, where will the houses for our growing population go?
  2. Will the 60:40 Split in the RUB now be enough or forced back to a 50:50 or even 40:60 split – a Councillor Quax dream come true


I am going to bring up this recent interview with the Deputy Mayor on 95bFM when she was asked about Manukau

Take a special note not about me getting a free mention but about the work and “vision” with and for the South.

In light of the Isthmus turning itself into a Museum piece in regards to urban development, pressure will be placed on the South (and West) to take up brunt of that development.

To be honest there might just some excitement in the opportunities so the South and the West if the Isthmus decides to close up shop. It will mean some readjustments for some and for others altering their lens towards Auckland.

Being the patient and often more optimistic which is reflected in that interview, I think it is time to chase-up on this upcoming opportunity from the Isthmus’s actions and resulting consequences.


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Where the Action Will be Happening and the People WILL Go with Manukau OPEN for Business and the Isthmus CLOSED for Business

Southern Metro Auckland
Southern Metro Auckland


Also I will be reporting live the final day’s proceedings both on Twitter @BenRoss_AKL and Facebook – Talking Auckland as they occur



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