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North Shore Up for the New Bus Network Consultation

Don’t forget to have your say

The North Shore is now up for their say in the New Bus Network consultation rounds. This particular one is “special” insofar as the destination routes in the City Centre are altered owing to the enabling works of the Auckland Transit Link (the City Rail Link) starting later this year. So please take note there.

From Auckland Transport

Public feedback invited on new bus network for the North Shore

Transformation of Auckland’s public transport network is underway, and from 2 June to 13 July feedback is open on proposed changes for the North Shore.

Rapid buses on the busway, new frequent services across the North Shore, improved neighbourhood services to get to the busway, and a simpler, more connected network are some of the features included in the proposed changes.

“The New Network will shift us to a completely new way of operating,” says Anthony Cross, Public Transport Network Manager. “Rather than just making modifications to bus routes here and there, we’re addressing the structure as a whole.”

For the North Shore, this means making the Northern busway more accessible to more people, and also increasing the number of local and Auckland-wide destinations you can travel to once you get to a busway station.

“It’s about increasing the freedom of where you can go and what you can do with public transport,” he says.

“Our current network isn’t built for transfers, which limits the number of destinations you can travel to easily. It’s also focused on catering to commuter travel, with frequent services running during morning and evening peak. The changes we’re proposing will overcome these limitations, by providing services that are designed to connect with each other, a new zonal fare system, as well as high frequency services that run all day, every day.”

This includes four new frequent services proposed for key routes across the North Shore. These buses will run at least every 15 minutes between 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, so passengers can simply ‘turn up and go’, even on the weekend. The Frequent Network will be supported by Connector and Local services, with lower frequencies appropriate to passenger demand.

The launch of the North Shore New Network is planned for 2017, however the time for feedback is now.

“Public feedback is crucial to creating a network that benefits Aucklanders,” says Anthony. “We’re asking people to look beyond their personal journey and weigh the benefits of the New Network as a whole, however we need to know if the new services will get you where you need to go.

“Now’s the time we can make changes – once the New Network is implemented it will be much harder.”

North Shore residents will receive a copy of the consultation brochure with a map in their mail box. Feedback can be given online, at a public information event or by completing the form in the brochure and mailing it back.

For more information on the North Shore consultation visit www.AT.govt.nz/NewNetwork.

The New Network is a region-wide public transport network that will change the way people travel. It will include Frequent, Connector, Local and Peak services. The Frequent Network will have buses and trains at least every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Public Information Events

Date Time Event
Sat 6 June 10am – 3pm Devonport Library
Sun 7 June 5.30pm – 10pm Glenfield Night Markets
Sun 14 June 7am – midday Browns Bay Market
Thurs 18 June 4pm – 7pm Albany and Constellation Busway Stations
Sat 20 June 10am – 2pm Northcote Library

Chinese and Korean speaking staff will be present at this event

Sat 20 June 8am – 1pm Beach Haven Market
Sun 21 June 10am – 3pm Birkenhead Library
Sat 27 June 10am – 2pm Mairangi Bay Shops
Sun 28 June 7am – midday Takapuna Markets
Weds 1 July 4pm – 7pm Sunnynook and Smales Farm Busway Stations
Fri 3 July Midday – 4.30pm Upper Harbour Local Board office, Albany
Sat 4 July 10.30am – 2.30pm Greenhithe Village Hall
Sun 5 July 2.30pm – 7pm Sunnynook Community Centre

Chinese and Korean speaking staff will be present at this event


A PDF Brochure

Feedback closes July 13

Update on AT HOP and North Star

Another Set of Push Backs?


I managed to have the following brochure handed to me about AT HOP and North Star Buses. North Star run the North Shore to CBD routes and are provided by NZ Bus (part of Infratil and also those responsible for the Snapper Disaster (the smart card not the fish one).

The Brochure


Those astute readers will see the long lead in time and delays of the AT-HOP roll out for the North Shore. This is owning to some “glitch” (where have I heard this before) in the AT-HOP system that is slowing down the roll out.

Basically delays upon delays with dates pushed further and further back…

Nothing more needs to be really said on the matter as the situation and history speak volumes thus far – and will do so for a while longer to come…


Follow Up to The Block and The Unitary Plan Article

An Acknowledgement


Yesterday I wrote what could be deemed a very heavy broadside commentary piece against a North Shore Local Board member and her comments in the Herald on Sunday in regards to The Block.

The said commentary can be found here: The Block, The Unitary Plan And What?

I have acknowledged feedback that the commentary in the said post is the equivalent of taking a nuke to cracking a walnut open rather than being more “tactful” in response to the comments made in the particular Herald article yesterday. Using the nuke approach has caused upset on the North Shore and again I have acknowledged this as such.

I could write a whole spiel on errors from yesterday but that would be inconsiderate. Needless to say there were errors yesterday and errors I picked up on as well. But with the errors there are ways of handling them including using a nuke. That particular option was not the best option given

My indiscretion from yesterday has been noted and will follow-up with more appropriate responses next time such an article from the MSM comes to light.

In saying that our old buddy Orsman has written a piece on the Unitary Plan…

Time for a look 😀


North Shore Rail – Actively Being Considered

Wheels Turning (Slowly) for North Shore Rail


Came across this last night while reading up happenings across the city: “Shore rail considered

From the article:


Rail to the North Shore is being investigated by Auckland Transport.

The public transport mode has been “identified by the Auckland Plan as an important extension to the rail network”, the council-controlled organisation’s annual report says. “A draft report on land use preconditions has been updated and finalised by Auckland Council following feedback received from stakeholders.” Auckland Transport goes on to say the NZ Transport Agency has reported on steps to restart work on an additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing. “Auckland Transport will need to consider the implications of this on planning for rapid transit on the North Shore.” The agency says it and “other stakeholders are considering the findings and possible next steps, including future proofing the rail connection”.

In November, Massey University vice-chancellor Steve Maharey said a section of its Albany campus was sold to Auckland Council. Mr Maharey claimed he was told it would become a public transport hub with light rail as an option



I have commented on this before in my “NORTH SHORE RAIL FOR $2.5B?” post written in September:

Of all the options that were available, the one that caught my attention the most due to cost effectiveness while delivering the highest benefit was:


Meaning the Bus-way is extended, upgraded and fully optimised (so at maximum efficiency and/or capacity) before the Albany to CBD section of the Bus-way is flipped (converted) over to Heavy Rail which would connect to the Aotea Station of the City Rail Link. A reminder that the bus-way as it currently stands was designed to be flipped to rail in due time – so it should not be that difficult.

The conversion of the bus-way to heavy rail in Auckland Council’s and Auckland Transport‘s opinion would be around 2041. In my submission to the Auckland Plan, that conversion would be completed by 2040  (so third and final period of the current Auckland Plan):


Lets see where North Shore Rail goes. But by the looks of things it could be in position ahead on anticipated time. Remembering heavy rail can move upwards of 900% more people than the bus-way ever could. So a great decongestant for the North Shore 🙂




SkyPath Update

Update on SkyPath


While away on holiday in Australia I had noticed that the SkyPath project had updated their website and posted a public notice meeting on the North Shore tomorrow night at 6pm (ouch as main rush hour is still happening at that time).


You can check the much more easier to read SkyPath website over at skypath.org.nz – with the public notice invitation below:


I am still pondering in making the trek to The Shore tomorrow as it means I have to leave Papakura at 4:30 to battle State Highway One traffic (fun – not)

However might be a good idea to trundle along to see where opinion is currently at