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Update on Otahuhu Interchange



This is what happens when Auckland Transport Comms (yes you Wally) either mixes a message up or the managers responsible in overseeing a project do not reply to emails on a given project: ABSOLUTE CONFUSION.


I was updated earlier today that rather than Otahuhu Transport Interchange being delayed it has in fact being brought forward to start construction on Wednesday as noted below:

From Auckland Transport

Otahuhu bus train interchange

Auckland Transport plans to build a new bus train interchange next to the existing Otahuhu Railway Station to contribute to a better connected and more frequent service.

Project status: Design
Project zone: South

Project purpose

  • Auckland Transport is moving to a simpler and more integrated public transport network as part of the Public Transport Network Plan.
  • A new network of buses and trains will change the way people travel – including the need for some passengers to transfer at key interchanges.
  • The new Otāhuhu bus/train interchange will be a key transfer station connecting bus users from the region to the rail network.

Helping to serve as a catalyst for growth for Otāhuhu, the new interchange is also expected to attract more people to live and work in the area.


  • Better connectivity between bus and rail networks.
  • Will use increased capacity of new electric trains.
  • Improved pedestrian connections in Otāhuhu.
  • Bus services will be more frequent and bus and train timetables will be aligned.
  • New infrastructure provides a catalyst for growth and rejuvenation in Otāhuhu.


August 2014 – Public open days.
September 2014 – Completion of detailed design.
November 2014 – Construction begins.
July 2015 – Completion of the bus interchange and concourse (stage one).
December 2015 – Completion of the train platform canopies and upgrade (stage two).

Project details

  • Upgrade of existing Otāhuhu Train Station to a bus and train interchange.
  • The bus component of the interchange will be built on land adjacent to the existing Otāhuhu Train Station.
  • The interchange will incorporate the existing Otāhuhu Train Station, linking the rail platform with two new bus platforms and a terminal building via an elevated concourse.
  • Vehicles will access the site via a new signalised western approach to the Walmsley Rd / Saleyards Rd / Station Rd signalised intersection.
  • The total cost, including investigation, design, construction and land purchase, will be around $25 million.

The new bus interchange will be located next to the existing Otāhuhu Rail Station with construction expected to get underway in December 2014.


Source: https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/otahuhu-bus-train-interchange/


So the update that went up from Auckland Transport this morning (thanks for the Presser – not) illustrates phase one starts this week.

This now raises a few more questions around the entire mess owing to Auckland Transport’s comm’s not being the best I can think of across the wider Council organisation.


Of course questions around AT comm’s is one thing but when having a search through the Tender/Procurement page of the Auckland Transport website to see what might be going on something went amiss.


Let’s start with the Forward Work Program which I can an eye on to see where things are going, and most likely where Councillor Wood started looking last week.

The Forward Working Document 


So the Forward Working Document (August) states the Tender should be out and closing at the end of the month. Now with construction starting ahead of time I still checked the ‘Current Tender’ page which showed nothing, and finally the Contracts Awarded page which also shows nothing for a $20m approximate project. Granted the contract could have been awarded this month and the PDF not updated as of yet (last updated 31 October).

Current Tenders 1 Current Tenders 2


The Award Contracts Page


So I am at a total loss here and am wondering what is going on with:

  • Councillor George Wood was right to draw the conclusion that they have been pushed back to 2021 based on the LTP documents (as I also concluded as well.
  • There hasn’t been any tenders released as noted above.
  • So how come AT is starting construction in two days?


At least the Interchange is going ahead. Now to see what is going with Manukau.


More News on the East West Link

Options One, Two and Three seem to be abandoned


I caught this from the Respect our Community Campaign Facebook page:

Respect Our Community Campaign – ROCC


Via Donna, we have just heard from Maungakiekie Local Board chairman, Simon Randall that Auckland Transport have dropped plans to push their motorway through the northern foreshore of Manukau Harbour and Panama/Riverside! Great news … here is his email:

I have just gotten off the phone with Auckland Transport who has confirmed that the focus of the east west link will be between SH20 and SH1 on the northern side of the Mangere Inlet, meaning that initial suggestions that there may be new motorway connections through the Panama Road area are no longer going to be pursued. I hope that this is good news for you, the Local Board has pushed for this to be abandoned for some time and are pleased it now has been abandoned.

There may still be some minor works associated in the area to support the East West Link, these have yet to be developed but I have made it clear that the Panama Road / Riverside Community to be well engaged on this project and have urged early discussions with residents such as yourselves…etc etc


That is news indeed.

So the question is – where next?