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Enhancing the Southern Auckland Transit Network – By Expanding Rapid Transit Network South

Resilience is the name of the game for Auckland’s fastest and largest growing sub region In pondering that the City Centre to Mangere Light Rail Line (CC2M) could start at … Continue reading Enhancing the Southern Auckland Transit Network – By Expanding Rapid Transit Network South

Old Papatoetoe to be Spruced Up #BetterAucklandq

Panuku Development Auckland and Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board push forward on urban renewal


I have been watching this urban renewal project make its way through the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board meeting agenda’s for the last six months as the first sod is prepared to be turned in the much-needed project.


From Our Auckland

Revamp for Papatoetoe Town Centre

Published: 26 October 2015

The revamped Papatoetoe mall will be safer and more accessible for pedestrians.

The Old Papatoetoe mall is about to be modernised to make it safer and easier to get around.

Old Papatoetoe is a growth area, with many more people expected to move in over the next decade. The improved mall will help cater for growth in the area and build the local economy. Current plans for the Auckland Council/Panuku Development Auckland project include:

  • better, safer pedestrian connections including links between St George St and reconfiguring the car park accessed from Wallace Road
  • the possibility of a medical hub with pharmacy, physiotherapist and doctor
  • retaining and celebrating the pohutukawa, puriri and titoki trees, along with the traditional metalwork features in the street furniture and signage
  • the use of colour throughout signage and seating that reflects the Papatoetoe crest and incorporates the Papatoetoe motto ‚ÄúKai Mahi Tahi‚ÄĚ (let us pull together).

The development will be done in stages so that the mall remains open throughout construction.

Find out more about Panuku Development Auckland.

An artist's impression of the new Papatoetoe mall.
An artist’s impression of the new Papatoetoe mall. Source: Our Auckland via Auckland Council



Source: http://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/articles/news/2015/10/revamp-for-papatoetoe-town-centre/


Great to see as¬†Old Papatoetoe was a place I visited very frequently as a child in the 90’s and early 00’s.

Panuku are also in the middle of preparing for larger scale urban renewals as well with more on that in December: I Will Be Watching The Auckland Development Closely in Regards to Development Auckland #AKLPols UPDATED


Auckland Transport Inducing Fare Evasion

AT causing induced Fare Evasion on its own accord?


We have heard much about Auckland Transport cracking down on Fare Evasion on our rail system, with Veolia Ticket Inspectors hard out on the trail trying to enforce what can be only described as a hopeless situation. Hopeless because in my opinion Auckland Transport is inducing actual Fare Evasion due to it’s beyond lacklustre technical support systems for both AT-HOP and the Rail Ticket Machines.


This example in Papatoetoe today which I hear (the example) is quite common through feedback via Facebook and emails.

I caught the train from Papatoetoe and headed in to Britomart, repeating the exercise for the trip home. I have an AT-HOP card so I tag on and off and will top up either at home or a rail ticket machine if possible.

While waiting for the train at Papatoetoe I noticed people could not use any cash (even correct change) to get a paper ticket to head into town. The machine had no change and the coin slot was jammed meaning unless you had EFTPOS like I did (I topped up on the machine) you were pretty well stuffed in getting a ticket.

If you were getting off at Britomart or Newmarket you could still pay your fare, get off anywhere else and hello no ticket – a freebie for you.

So I sent a tweet to Auckland Transport alerting them to the machine basically down:

@AklTransport Rail ticket machine @ papatoetoe not accepting cash at all even correct change

That was sent about 10:10am today

I get back to Papatoetoe around 3:15pm today and the machine was still with no change and not taking coins. And no reply from AT either…


Come on Auckland Transport – where is your support services to keep these machines fully functional so good citizens can get their tickets? FIVE HOURS and no technician when the support for an “urgent” problem such as this is meant to be TWO HOURS in turn around (getting it fixed)!

Knowing my luck and I should go check it tomorrow the machine will still be down at 9:30am tomorrow morning after the morning peak!

So fare evasion? Yep Рinduced by Auckland Transport rather than the rail patrons themselves due to lack tech support services on the rail ticket machines. 

Do people out there know of any other rail ticket machines constantly down and if so how long before they are back up again.

Leave your comments below (AT do keep an eye on this)…