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Council Notice on Website Issues



From Auckland Council

Auckland Council apologises for difficulties accessing property valuations online


Auckland Council has apologised for difficulties accessing the new 2014 property valuations published on its website today.

Acting Chief Finance Officer Kevin Ramsay says council is working to resolve the issue but said that some people may still experience intermittent delays or difficulties accessing property valuations.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,” Mr Ramsay said. “We are working to resolve this issue with our website as quickly as possible. We know there is huge interest in this year’s property valuations and had planned for a user-friendly experience, so it is regrettable these problems occurred.”

The valuations, which are completed every three years, will be used to help determine the share of rates for each property for year beginning 1 July 2015, but have no impact on the amount of rates council collects overall

Council property valuations – key facts:


  • Property valuations help determine the share of rates people pay but have no impact on the amount of rates money the council collects
  • This year’s property revaluation showed an average capital value increase of 29 per cent since 2011
  • The average residential capital value increase was 34.8 per cent
  • All property owners will also receive a notice in the mail in mid-November
  • All property owners have the right to object to their values and the objections process is now open.

More at: aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/ratesbuildingproperty/ratesvaluations/valuations/Pages/home.aspx


Note: the Residential Average I used for the base formula in my previous post is at 34.8% not 34% as I stated. I means I am up for a Rates rise of 7.1% not 7.9% as mentioned earlier. None the less it is still looking down the barrel of a stiff Rates rise on these approximates!