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UPDATE: Environment Court Confirms Skypath, To Issue Consent

Skypath goes ahead (finally)


Just in:


The Environment Court has ruled in favour of Skypath with a few extra conditions attached to the Consent.


It should mean construction of the Harbour Bridge walking and cycling link starting within six months and completion not long after. It is a user-pays route that will require cash or your AT-HOP card.


Council welcomes decision

Council welcomes SkyPath closing statements 

Auckland Council has welcomed the closing statement of the Environment Court which indicated consent would be granted, subject to refining of conditions, for SkyPath.

The resource consent was originally granted in July 2015 by independent commissioners, but was appealed by several community organisations.

SkyPath is a pedestrian and cycle pathway across the Waitematā Harbour, linking the North Shore to the CBD.

It is proposed to be 4m wide (and 6m wide at the five viewing platforms) and fixed to the eastern clip-on lane of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.



More on the Court ruling as it comes to hand.


Skypath visualisation
Skypath visualisation




Confirmed: Skypath Consent To Be Appealed at the Environment Court

Two Northcote associations appealing

Just in and as we feared:

SkyPath Environment Court appeals

Two appeals have been lodged with the Environment Court in relation to the resource consent application granted by independent commissioners for SkyPath earlier this month.

Resource consent for the project, which would see a combined pedestrian and cycle pathway attached to the Auckland Harbour Bridge, was granted to Woodward Infrastructure Ltd on 3 July. Submitters then had 15 working days to appeal the decision.

The appeals, by the Northcote Residents’ Association and the Northcote Point Heritage Preservation Society, relate to the entire resource consent application.

Auckland Council is considering its approach to the appeal.


Will post more once Auckland Council has considered its approach to the appeal.

Seems Skypath is Off to the Environment Court #AKLPols

Northcote Resident Association to Challenge Skypath Consent

So it seems Skypath will be challenged in the Environment Court thanks to the Northcote Residents Association.

From 3-News:

Northcote residents want SkyPath parking

Thursday 23 Jul 2015 1:08 p.m.

Opponents of Auckland’s planned SkyPath are challenging the project in the Environment Court today.

The $33 million walk and cycleway would clip underneath the Harbour Bridge, and cost the council nothing – instead paid for by users.

But Kevin Clarke of the Northcote Residents’ Association is alarmed there’s no plan for parking at the northern side of the bridge.

“With modifications and the type of modifications that we provided a long time, we believe it will work,” he told RadioLIVE.

“In fact, it will make it a much more functional tourism facility, which is what they claim that it is.”

SkyPath’s backers have said increasing parking at the northern end would only encourage more traffic. Instead, they want parking on local streets be restricted to residents only.


Source: http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/northcote-residents-want-skypath-parking-2015072313#axzz3gN4ZMsGd

Well that was expected and is probably going to be costly as well.

Will have to see where this ends up.

Mayor: #skypath a Game Changer #BetterAuckland

Mayor Len Brown Reacts to News of Skypath consents being approved

From the Office of the Mayor

Skypath approval “a game changer”

Mayor Len Brown calls the granting of resource consent for SkyPath – a cycling and walking path adjacent to the citybound clip-on lanes of the Auckland Harbour Bridge – “a real game changer for Auckland.”

“This exciting project is another part of the physical uniting of Auckland, building on the cycleways we have recently built such as at Grafton Gully and the Westhaven promenade.

“Besides being of enormous benefit to cyclists, it’s a fabulous opportunity for Aucklanders and visitors to the city to walk across and have great views of our spectacular harbour.

“It illustrates how our roads are no longer just about trucks and cars but also for the use of cyclists and pedestrians.”

Len Brown says the next step to enable the project to proceed will be a report to be completed by Council staff on the proposed commercial arrangements and recommendations on how to proceed from here.

There is a 15 working day appeal period.

The Independent Planning Commissioners, in their decision, acknowledge that SkyPath is a “critical transport link and a positive gain for Auckland’s transportation network.

They say that “the proposal will help promote alternative transportation modes and active lifestyles and improve recreational options for Aucklanders and visitors to the region.”

It says the proposal is consistent with the RMA including having positive economic impacts.

The application received 11,586 submissions with 11,413 in support, five neutral and 168 in opposition.

The commissioners say they believe issues raised by residents at either end of the bridge can be adequately mitigated.

“The traffic and parking effects associated with parties who chose to drive to SkyPath will be adequately mitigated through provision, implementation, and review and monitoring of the operational plan,” the decision reads.

It says adverse amenity effects at the northern end can be mitigated through design and site management as proposed by the applicant.  Those effects are primarily associated with increased activity, privacy, noise and perceptions relating to safety and security.


The Decision

Skypath Resource Consent Approved #BetterAuckland


I am picking up news that the Commissioners have approved the consent for Skypath that will run underneath the Harbour Bridge

More soon

Although like Transport Blog I wonder how long before an Environment Court appeal is lodged by the NIMBYs