Sky Path Consents Approved – Generation Zero Reacts #BetterAuckland + Decision Document

Elated – Dr Sudhvir Singh

News of the Sky Path Resource Consents being approved by Commissioners this morning is certainly making its away around.

From reactions seen thus far, well I’ll let Generation Zero fill you in on that one.

From Scoop:

Generation Zero Elated Skypath Granted Resource Consent

Generation Zero is delighted and relieved that the ‘Skypath’ walking and cycling addition to the Harbour Bridge has been granted resource consent.

“Today is a time for all Aucklanders to celebrate” says Generation Zero spokesperson Dr Sudhvir Singh. “ Skypath will be an iconic addition to the city, as well as a key transport link.”

Skypath will connect walkways and cycle lanes on both sides of the Waitemata Harbour. Generation Zero’s Skypath online submission form ( simplified the process of submitting to Skypath’s resource consent application, pointing to the need to provide more transport choices and Skypath’s ability to promote cycling and walking. Skypath broke the New Zealand record for resource consent submissions, largely through the Generation Zero platform where over ten thousand submissions were received. Of the final submissions 95% were in favor of the project.

Dr Singh; “The overwhelming support we saw for this project underlines its importance to the city.
This is another sign of Auckland learning from the planning mistakes of the past and recognising the huge demand for walking and cycling.”

Skypath is a public and private partnership costing $33 million to build, and will initially cost users $2-4 to cross.

Dr Singh; “With such strong support demonstrated for Skypath, the government should agree to contribute to the funding of this project and make it free for all users.”



The Decision Document granting the consent with conditions

Skypath should be open by 2017 however, it is dependent on any appeals to the Environment Court prior. From what I have heard the Northcote Residents Association executive in defiance of members and the wider community who supported Skypath would file an Appeal. If and when they do so will be soon seen.

In any case being able to walk over the Harbour Bridge with the family as part of a leisurely weekend stroll will certainly be nice.

And slowly but surely Auckland just took another step towards becoming a 21st Century World City.

Well done to the Skypath Team led by Bevan and to Generation Zero for mustering the support.

Yes I did submit in support of Skypath.