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Inorganics to be dumped

Trash on the berm-side to be a thing of the past


One thing that use to irk me about the bi-annual inorganic collections: the area looking worse than a standard tip.

Well Auckland Council will be adopting what Waitakere City Council did pre-Super City in that inorganic’s on the berm-side will be dumped as of next year and replaced with a pay-and-pick-up scheme.

From the NZ Herald

Inorganic pick up scrapped

By Matthew Theunissen 4:15 AM Sunday Mar 30, 2014

Sorting through other people’s trash for possible treasures will soon be history. 

Inorganic collections – long adored by bargain hunters and despised by berm lovers – are being chucked out. The Auckland Council is introducing major changes, which include ending the roadside collections and setting up 30 community recycling hubs around the city.

From July 1 next year Aucklanders will call the council to arrange pick-ups from their yards.

The council’s solid waste manager, Ian Stupple, said a trial of the system in Howick and Pakuranga late last year found half the waste bound for landfill could be re-used or recycled.

“At the moment it’s a mess. The waste is scattered all over the berms and it’s potentially dangerous for the operators.

“This way it will be a lot safer and the material will be in a much better condition and easier to collect.”

The centres would be set over the next 20 years.

There may even be coffee shops at some of the centres.

“So it’s almost a community facility like a leisure centre or a library where people would hopefully be attracted to go to on a regular basis.”

The facilities, run by private operators or community groups, would create job and training opportunities, Stupple said.

Switch saves expensive clean-ups


Western wards in Auckland ditched kerbside inorganic collections in 2009 and introduced $25 home pick-ups.

Speaking while doing collections in Te Atatu, contractor Lance Goodwin said both systems had benefits but collecting from within properties was better.


I gather there would be a token fee to drop your stuff off at the Community Recycling Hubs. That said providing the fee was not prohibitive I would be using the hubs in place of the bi-annual dump on the kerb while having a nosy around from those second-hand goods or picking up some compost (if green waste is processed and sold at the hub).

Would this new scheme cause a spike in illegal dumping? Possible so enforcement will need to be strengthened to deter this much as possible.