Waste Not Want Not. Ratepayers Onion Prints A Lot of Waste to Spam your Mailbox

Not sure what the ARA are trying to get at


Seems the resident Auckland troll who runs the Jo Holmes Blog, the Len Brown Must Resign Facebook page and is spokesperson to the Auckland Ratepayers Onion is having a ramble about waste charges in North Auckland. Who knows what the ramble is about but that must be a few trees and some barrels of ink used by the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance to spam the North’s letter boxes on something that might have not very well happened.


I will send my own enquiries forward to Council on Monday to see what the Waste Management Rate is from 2014 through to 2019 and whether any changes has caused any major rises or falls. I know in Papakura where I reside we have had no change with our waste fees yet (if anything it might have been a slight drop with the Inorganic system changing).


Any way from Auckland Council (and will update this when the figures come through from my own enquiries):

A word on waste – Council responds to flyer campaign

Published: 27 May 2016

Auckland Council is aware of a significant flyer drop taking place this weekend in the Rodney and North Shore areas about waste expenditure.

The flyer suggests that households will be hit with large rates increases due to rising costs of waste services.

The council is currently investigating how the numbers used in the flyer were formulated.

Auckland Council’s Manager for Financial Policy, Andrew Duncan, says he is unsure how the figures have been calculated, and that the generalisations in the flyers could be misleading.

“Currently households in Rodney pay $103.23 per year for waste services through their rates, residents on the North Shore and Waitakere pay $88.68.

“This covers a range of services including recycling, inorganics collections and resource recovery networks, and we do not anticipate a material increase the cost of these services in the next financial year, even with the rollout of the new recycling service.”

Households in these areas do not pay a rate for rubbish collection. This service is user pays through the council’s orange bag service, or through private operators offering a rubbish collection.

If people manage to further reduce their waste by recycling and using the future food waste service, they can further reduce their rubbish costs.

Auckland Council has recently published a series of Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act responses on its website that detail expenditure and rates information for Waste Solutions.

These are available here.


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  1. Whilst I’m not sure I agree with everything in the flyer that we have received, this is the same day that I received an equally biased OneAuckland issue telling us how wonderful the unitary plan is. The Council use ratepayers money to promote its own policies, I think it’s good that there are others out there who are willing to promote their own views. That’s democracy.

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