To SimCity and Beyond

Next Version of SimCity Out 2013


My favourite game of all time was and is still the SimCity series, starting from SimCity Classic right through to SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. Over the decades I have had numerous amounts of fun building all sorts from rural hamlets right through to mega-cities.


In the most recent edition Sim City 4, my two regions that I had focused on were Solaria and Neo Solaria.

You can see the pictures here


Solaria (population of 4 million – so picture is somewhat out of date) which is basically one giant mega-city still being “worked on” as the sprawl continues in all directions

By the way, Solaria despite being a growing mega-city is actually a “walkable” and “smart city” with over two thirds of residents not choosing cars as their primary commute and the transit system actually make a profit. The transit system being fully integrated and includes:

  • Highways (motorways)
  • Expressways
  • Avenues
  • Roads
  • Streets
  • Bus
  • Heavy Rail (passenger and freight)
  • Light Rail
  • Subway and Elevated Rail (connected together)
  • Ferry
  • Park and Rides
  • Pedestrian Malls
  • High Speed Rail

Impressive huh?


Neo Solaria

And this is the tiny upstart colony Neo Solaria (also a work in progress during my spare time)


Now with EA working to release SIMCITY in 2013, it will be time to really brush off my urban and transport skills and translate the new Solaria’s over to a more powerful and realistic simulation engine.

Here is a print screen to the SimCity website




February 2013 is when I’ll have to wait for this new edition of a legend. In the meantime I should continue work of both of my existing cities with one already a mega-city and the other to become the second mega-city.