Response from AT

Letter From AT on RLTP


Got a letter from Auckland Transport acknowledging and thanking my submission to the Regional Land Transport Program. The letter I will show in the embed below, but upon reading it I can appreciate what could be just about literal hell for everyone concerned as the city goes about not building a world-class transport system – but rebuilding the existing system so THEN we can build that world-class system (the only other method is start afresh and I don’t think we will like that option much (Christchurch?))


The letter from AT on the RLTP and difficulties that are going to be faced:


And as I write this, the CRL debate is still going around and around the same circle again – more on that later

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  1. So there is to be some deferred maintenance expenditure to allow finance for other work.
    That is the same old story, defer maintenance and you get to the same end result as the sewer seperation, as one example of past management


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