South Auckland Gets Shafted – Yet Again

Manukau to Papakura Direct Rail Link is Dead


Well it seems South Auckland is about to get shafted yet again by hopeless planning that Auckland is extremely famous for since the 1950’s. Our resident Prude – the Mayor Len Brown might as well as do his famous chest thumping again that he did so well in the first Auckland Council elections for mayorship. Why did South Auckland get shafted – again, and why should Len relegate himself to chest thumping? Because someone, somewhere screwed up badly (so bad it is beyond a bad joke or nightmare) with the Manukau Line.


I was coming from Manukau Station and heading back towards Britomart on my train service. While the train was waiting to enter the Main Line I saw this:

Concrete Foundation for Electrical Wire Mast

What is that? That folks is a concrete foundation for the overhead wire masts carrying the 25kv cables for our new electric passenger trains. Where is it? It is located smack bang in the middle of the path for the Manukau-to-Papakura rail link so that trains can run direct from Papakura to Manukau and vice versa (rather than have passengers as current do the Papakura to Puhinui trip by rail and then transfer over to a Britomart to Manukau Train). The overhead bridge is State Highway 20 heading towards the airport interchanges and Mangere Bridge.

So fess up – who was the dumb-ass who decided that it would be the most brilliant idea to stick the overhead wire mast right smack bang in the middle of where a railway track is meant to go? Heck you can see the ballast foundations leading around to the Main Line (under the bridge) that would allow the direct Manukau-to-Papakura connection.


And to make matters worse I quite clearly remember Mayor Len Brown saying back in April that I reported here at BR:AKL:

Mayor Len Brown has promised southern councillors he will do “yeoman’s work” to ensure the link is provided sooner rather than later. Until then, passengers wanting to go south from Manukau on the new line will have to travel north to Puhinui and wait for southbound trains. Although much of the 2km line has duplicate tracks, they go only north towards Britomart when they link up with the main trunk at Wiri. That is unacceptable to Papakura councillor Calum Penrose, who says southern residents are in serious need of better public transport to improve job and training opportunities. Mr Penrose was heartened when Mayor Brown told him and Manurewa councillor Sir John Walker that KiwiRail believed a southern link could be provided for $5-6 million.


In fact you can read up on some history in these following two posts:





Those respective posts were written in April and May THIS YEAR!


South Auckland and poor Councillor Calum Penrose’s Ward (and the area where I live) Papakura get shafted yet again by our hopeless planners and bureaucrats while the Mayor is made to look like a total ass!

What next in the “Lets Shaft South Auckland” division folks with the Manukau-to-Papakura Link now dead…


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  1. There’s no money to do it! NZTA won’t give one ounce of funding for public transport as the money is tied up in the RoN(p)S.

    1. The money was already set aside by Council or Auckland Transport so the question is who was the idiot who decided it was a brilliant idea to stick the concrete pad there

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