Wheels of Progress Continue to Turn

Progress on Manukau Southern Link and PapakuraPukekohe Electrification


On Monday I had ran commentary in my WHEELS OF MOTION ARE TURNING that a Notice of Motion was put forward to help speed up the construction of the Manukau South Link:

Fighting for the South Manukau Link




Last month I had posted on someone deciding to place a nice big concrete pad in the middle of the path for the Manukau Rail Southern Link. You can see the post (SOUTH AUCKLAND GETS SHAFTED – YET AGAIN) by clicking on the link.

Well after some advocating and lobbying, Councillor George Wood who is a member of the Council Transport Committee got a Notice of Motion placed into November’s agenda about the South Link. The Notice of Motion is:

Requests Auckland Transport to give a high priority to the installation of a south facing rail link between the Manukau Spur Line and the North Island Main Trunk Line at Wiri so that this connection can be in place by the time
that electrification of the Auckland Metro rail systems occurs. 

You can see the Notice of Motion in the November Transport Committee Agenda at the bottom of this post.


Naturally I am supporting this motion after kicking up the initial fuss in the first place when I first spotted the concrete pad in the middle of the South Link’s path.

I had this to say in my material forwarded to Councillor Wood as well as my submission to the Regional Public Transport Plan:


Today I observed the Transport Committee going through its motions and am pleased to report progress on the South Manukau Rail Link.


Result of Today’s Transport Committee Proceedings


To my surprise, the Chairs of the Papakura and Franklin Local Boards (I reside inside the Papakura Local Board) were present at today’s Committee Meeting and spoke in support of the South Rail Link. The reason I am surprised is that the Franklin Local Board were at the Transport Committee to speak on getting reassurance that the Papakura to Pukekohe section of rail line be electrified so that our new EMU’s can run all the way to Pukekohe rather than Papakura as would be happening 2016. However when Franklin and Papakura Local Boards saw the Notice of Motion in the Committee Agenda both of them spoke in favour of the South Manukau Rail Link which was a delight to me. Although to be blunt in my opinion, it should have not taken a Notice of Motion I set off to spur them into action for the South Manukau Link – never mind.


And so with Papakura and Franklin Local Boards in full support of the Manukau South Link as they benefit highly from South Link (Manurewa Local Board should have been present as the link also benefits them highly as well (with Manurewa, Homai and Manukau Stations inside their jurisdiction) and Councillor George Wood going into bat with his Notice of Motion, we get progress on the South Manukau Link and me with a smile of my face 😀 .


I will have to wait until the Minutes of today’s Committee meeting come out but the basic outcome was that the Motion for the South Link, as well as continual pushing for electrification to Pukekohe passed unanimously thus a resulting push to get Auckland Transport to produce a comprehensive Benefit:Cost Report onto these two projects. Once the BCR report is published from AT, we shall know for certain where the South Link and electrification to Pukekohe stand formally and fully.


But a massive thanks to Councillor George Wood for getting the Motion of Notice onto the agenda and starting off the needed discussion. Thanks to Councillor and Committee Chairman Mike Lee for facilitating the debate and discussion on the Motion. Thanks to Councillor Chris Fletcher for her support and comment on the discussion and dialogue – we are making progress here for our communities and it was encouraging that the Committee recognised the needs of South Auckland communities as well. And thanks to Franklin and Papakura Local Boards for throwing your support behind The South Manukau Rail Link – this link once built will benefit our communities greatly by giving them fast and easy access to their major service hub:- Manukau!


I will work on a full operations proposal in due time for the South Manukau Rail Link; while an initial operations proposal can be seen at my WHEELS OF MOTION ARE TURNING post.

Thus I (along with our Local Boards and the Transport Committee) will continue to advocate and lobby hard for that South Link to be built – FOR YOU, the residents of South (and Counties) Auckland! As you/we deserve better!