Is it Really Now an Eye Sore?


On Tuesday in my “THE MANUKAU INTERCHANGE – CTD I showed the Manukau Interchange (and resulting MIT building for which the interchange is contained in and with) not looking the best picture of roses – in fact the skeletal structure and dust blowing through an abandoned construction site is rather sad and looking like an eye sore.


I also said in that post: “The shot I did miss was the shot of the frame and steel girders of the MIT/Manukau Interchange from the top of Redoubt Road heading down the hill towards Manukau City Centre and the motorways. It was a sad shot as the entire ghost site now looks like a large eye sore if one was view gazing towards the airport and picturesque Manukau Harbour (I wonder what it looks like from an aircraft flying over head seeming the main flight path is right there).”


So I went and got some of those long and wide shots yesterday and you can ask yourself whether the skeletal structure is an eye sore or not:


Still waiting on how Auckland Council and Auckland Transport plan to get the Manukau Transport Interchange finished sooner rather than later…