Unitary Plan Ready for the Community

March is When WE Get OUR SAY


On the Unitary Plan


Feedback has been coming across the usual channels on the draft Unitary Plan which was announced on Wednesday that the plan has been finalised – in a sense that the draft is ready to go out for the first round of (informal) feedback to the community.

Apologies readers for being a bit slow off the bat in getting commentary and feed back facilities ready for the Unitary Plan. Got a bit tied up with Sky Path and other concerns before being re-nudged about the draft Unitary Plan.


So as a result it is time to start the commentary and feed back facilitation on the Unitary Plan. To accommodate this and Sky-Path I will do some slight alterations to the blog over the next week to allow ease of access and reading for both of these crucial projects. Stay tuned as BR:AKL gets a slight upgrade.


Now for the Draft Unitary Plan:

From Councillor Dr Cathy Casey:

Another historic day for Auckland as the first draft Unitary Plan is endorsed for public release on 15 March. Here is our very happy Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse who chaired the Unitary Plan Political Working Party with Dr Roger Blakeley, Council’s Chief Planning Officer. Great job everyone!
Photo: Another historic day for Auckland as the first draft Unitary Plan is endorsed for public release on 15 March. Here is our very happy Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse who chaired the Unitary Plan Political Working Party with Dr Roger Blakeley, Council's Chief Planning Officer. Great job everyone!
  • Andy Cawston THAT’s more like it! Now, to reduce it by a further 80%, and The Plan will be good to go!
  • Penny Hulse Thanks Cathy….a very long day but the debate from our members was excellent. Even though we all have some issues with the plan, it now goes out to our community for their input…..how great it is to hand over to the community the ability to help us make these decisions and decide on what the next stage of the plan will look like BEFORE it goes out for formal submissions.


Yep as Andy said, got a bit of work to do to shrink down that Unitary Plan to something more palatable and manageable in size!


However I have noted some alarm over the feedback process apparently ending with the draft Unitary Plan – I’ll let the Deputy Mayor explain that IS NOT THE CASE (other wise Auckland would have seen a pile of missiles launched from Papakura heading straight towards Town Hall if that were the case)


Again from Facebook:

Penny Hulse
The Herald has started its campaign to ensure that all Aucklanders certainly get involved in the Unitary plan! Email and phone filled with panicky people, an explanation of the process settled them down (mostly) This is the start of the engagement not the end of it. This is a plan for the next 30 years and needs to encompass ALL of Auckland, our children and grandchildren.
  • Ben Dowdle Some people seem to have the idea they are going to be evicted from their house and forced into a 300 storey apartment block
    • Jack Henderson These will be the people taken in by the C&R Association’s cynical campaign of disinformation and obfuscation!
  • Stan Blanch Mai Chen writes in this mornings paper about Auckland Councils unitary plan and says how it must accomadate the changing face of our demographics… The issues the council has to deal with also include its unique demographic of indigenous and minority groups. At the last census, 18.9 per cent of Aucklanders were Asian, 14.4 per cent were Pasifika and 11.1 per cent were Maori. I totally agree with her. Why would the unelected Maori advisory board be given voting rights that enable the tail to shake the dog?. My only hope for change here is to have more Chinese folk involve themselves in local gvt politics
  • Andrea Crashe But NOT all Aucklander’s get the Herald to know what is going on… plus the local rags do not get delivered to every household either…and not everyone has internet at their homes either. So the news will not reach everyone in Auckland.
    • Ben Ross Suggestions on how it does then?
  • Andy Cawston I am interested to hear the children are being engaged, because 30 years is a very long strategic horizon.
    • Penny Hulse Good on you Andy…the plan is actually about our next generations and we will be working with young people on these issues. It is their future we need to plan for not only our present to protect…..we need to find that balance.
  • Ben Ross The Herald has started a campaign, time for citizens to help out spreading the word as well. Word of mouth and getting blog posts up will go some distance to make sure people are involved in this critical document (reminding me to get a move on and finish that blog post)



As our Deputy Mayor has stated: This is THE START of the ENGAGEMENT – NOT THE END OF IT!

Penny Hulse shared a link.
Please take time to have a look at this. On the 15th of March we launch the plan and then we want a SERIOUS amount of feedback. What do you like, what don’t you like and what can we do better? This is your chance to write the plan for Auckland.

The Auckland Unitary Plan – help shape Auckland
The Auckland Unitary Plan will be the rulebook that shapes the way Auckland grows.




Now the Unitary Plan itself is not out yet but Auckland Plan Committee agendas signifying the release of the Draft Unitary Plan are out and can be found in the respective links below


As I said earlier, I will be altering the blog slightly to better facilitate the commentary and feedback on the Draft Unitary Plan. Our Deputy Mayor wants maximum feedback and this blog will assist in that feedback process before the Unitary Plan goes before formal submissions in September.


It also means that as always the blog is open for guest posts.

Thus if Local Board members, Councillors, associations, and individual are wanting to do a guest post on the Draft Unitary Plan – whether for, against, or wanting modifications of the Plan you can contact me at view.of.auckland[at]gmail.com

I recommend all guest posts be typed in a Microsoft Word document and be attached to your email as it makes it easier for me to translate over into the blog. If you are planning to be a serial guest poster on the Unitary Plan (or even Sky Path) let me know and I can make you a “contributor” to the blog for the duration.

A reminder that while feedback is welcome, standard moderation applies to confirm with BR:AKL rules which can be found by clicking the Rules tab above



I look forward to the Draft Unitary Plan coming out next month (go figure I will be in Australia for part of it) and the feedback sessions that will accompany it. I expect a robust debate and dialogue on this as the Unitary Plan will be affecting us for life times and beyond


Time to make your voice and thoughts count!