Outline for Submission to Unitary Plan

My Submission to The Unitary Plan


As May 31 – the deadline to get in your feedback to the Draft Unitary Plan approaches, I have been slowly assembling all my bits and pieces and begun writing my submission for the Draft Unitary Plan a.k.a The Clunker.

However, with The Draft Unitary Plan covering some 1700 odd pages included 510 of those pages being large-scale maps it is near impossible by myself to comment on every single aspect of The Clunker. So I have narrowed down the submission to key points of interest to me in regards to wider Auckland.

Version 1.0 of my submission to The Draft Unitary Plan will cover thus far:

  1. Why I am covering the respective points here in this feedback document
  2. Brief recap on The Draft Unitary Plan as it currently stands
  3. 400,000 homes and one million people – where are they going to go?
  4. My Housing Mix using the shapeauckland.co.nz Housing Simulator
  5. The Zones: My Alternative to the Unitary Plan Zones using work from my Auckland Plan submission – this will include:
    1. Implementing the Centralised Master Community Plan (CMCP), the Semi-Liberal Plan Districts (SLPD), and the Municipal Utility District (MUD)
    2. Reworking the zones including adding, deleting, or modifications to the Unitary Plan Zones using zone definitions from my submission to the Auckland Plan
  6. Over Intensification with the centres – who gets upgraded and who gets downgraded. Also covered is redrawing the height restrictions imposed on some centres
  7. Manukau and St Heliers; special places deserve special recognition as one size does not fit all with the Unitary Plan
  8. CMCP’s and SLPD’s and applying them to select individual places in Auckland as examples of my alternative in regards to the Unitary Plan. Papakura and the Southern Rural Urban Boundary Greenfield sites will be two of the examples used
  9. The Rural Urban Boundary in Southern Auckland:
    1. Which of the three options per the Rural Urban Boundary Addendum
    2. Why I chose that particular RUB option
    3. How it would work (this will tie in with Point 8) and its effects to wider Auckland
    4. How it affects me personally
  10. Observed Transport issues stemming from the Unitary Plan. The Auckland Transport Integrated Transport Plan will be mentioned here
  11. Other infrastructure (including social) issues stemming from the Unitary Plan
  12. Any other notes and observations from the Unitary Plan
  13. Conclusion(s)

Urban design will be covered in multiple points rather than just one set specific point.


Even this is quite a bit to cover so I better get cracking with the writing. In the mean time I will continue my jet setting around the city participating and observing Unitary Plan community meetings (which I do have an opinion of as of current) and any more Civic Forums if they come up.


But for now I need to go book another holiday – I need it – or focus my spotlight back on my favourite crowd who must be wondering “What’s Up;” – Hehe Auckland Transport I am still here 😉


My Housing Mix from The Auckland Council Housing Simulator (Attempt One using Shape Auckland Housing Simulator)


What I came up with to give my take
What I came up with to give my take


2 thoughts on “Outline for Submission to Unitary Plan

  1. When a simple Aucklander, such as myself tries to come to terms with this massive plan it becomes mind blowing…. Where to next ? The average person will never understand it, it is too much to take in… Besides I have many other things to do to just live from day to day, to go to work, to earn a living, to look after my family. Hey I’m not a planner. Oh I’ll just put it to one side and hope for the best !
    And when it effects me after it is all in place and the Council and the Government have snipped at each other I will wonder what it was all about, and why the heck have I got all those high rises next to me?
    Guess the answer might be to stop immigration, or maybe direct all new comers to live in another city. Why would you want to live in Auckland in any case?

    As an average person I just can’t make head nor tail of all this.

    Good on you Ben, where the heck do you get the time ?


    1. I often wonder as well. I have a house to look after, my lovely wife Rebekka, and our fledgling enterprise which both of us are setting up at the moment. Yesterday for the most part I took a “day off” from The Clunker as it just piles all up in the end. But we are back to it today – with a dentist appointment to boot 😛

      But as I have always said: who will do this (commentary and submissions on the Clunker) if no one else does…

      Onwards I go

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