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Unitary Plan Updates – Our Feedback is Coming Through

Our Feedback for Our Auckland Slowly Coming Through


Slowly but surely the trickle of information – that is our feedback to the Unitary Plan is coming through to the #shapeauckland website for our viewing.

I noted on Twitter this morning that Auckland Council has made mention and updated its Shape Auckland webpage indicating the process of the Unitary Plan, as well as an electronic document dump for our feedback:


A Screenshot of the Shape Auckland website as of this morning

Shape Auckland screenie



Unitary Plan Civic Forum – South

On April 6 a group of stakeholders were invited to the Southern Auckland Civic Forum at the Manukau Civic Centre (old Manukau City Council complex). There with the Local Boards, the Deputy Mayor and Planners; we (the residents, businesses(?) and non-for-profit groups) discussed and debated on a series of questions asked in regards to the Unitary Plan for the South (which includes Botany and Howick).


Our feedback from the Civic Forum (South) can be seen in the embedd below

You can see the rest of the Auckland “sectors” at the Unitary Plan Feedback page.


Now we wait to see what weight and what progress will be made of the Civic Forums feedback from the entire city. And yes good old Manukau is in there folks as that campaign pushes on.


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Media Statement From Council

Statement on Today’s Auckland Plan Committee Proceedings


Council has just released a media statement on today’s two-hour session at the Auckland Plan Committee that was meant to be discussing the first two workshops (June 19 and 26). That technically did not happen and as I speak I am writing my exclusive post up on today’s proceedings now (to be out by 6pm).

From Auckland Council:

Council continues review of draft planning rules
Auckland councillors today continued the task of reviewing potential changes to building heights and housing zones in the draft Unitary Plan based on community feedback.
At a public meeting of the Auckland Plan Committee, councillors agreed to refer a set of nine directions on heights and housing zones to local boards for their consideration, guidance and feedback.
The principles may be used to guide changes to the draft plan in response to public feedback.
Council staff will undertake further work on changes that have been outlined following the first two workshops.
“Final decisions will not be made until the end of August,” said Auckland Plan Committee chair and Deputy Mayor Councillor Penny Hulse. “We have a lot of work to do to ensure the notified version of the plan reflects as best as we can what the public has told us.”
Councillors were also assured that public feedback will be available on the council’s website allowing people to search for the comments of individuals and organisations.
The interim directions (outlined in the report) relate to:
  • Principles for building heights in centre zones
  • Principles for building heights around centres in the Terrace Housing and
  • Principles for notification for height infringements in centres and the Terrace
Housing and Apartment Building zone
  • Principles for volcanic viewshafts and blanket height sensitive areas
  • Approach to design quality
  • Provisions in the Mixed Housing zone
  • Notification of development control infringements.



As I said I am getting my own commentary on today written up now


Unitary Plan and that Twitter Spam

Not bad for an individual

And for Auckland – Our Auckland


While my main internet is down and I have let rip back to Telecom for taking 6 days to restore my internet (even though it is Chorus which probably deserves something placed under their backside) I have hooked up my 2-Degree Mobile to the main PC. Okay the connection is slow but it is working (and thanks to 2-Degrees for carry-over data. All that spare data will be going to use) 😀


This major pain for me in not having my main internet does show the reliance on the Digital Age. But what the Digital Age does show is that some of us will use it to its full and utter potential.

This morning I got mentioned in the Council/Local Body Chairs’ workshop on the Feedback for the Unitary Plan (that closed May 31) that I was the top Tweeter on the #shapeauckland (shapeauckland.co.nz) feed amongst other things. Apparently I dropped 250+ Tweets over the 11-week feedback period. 

So what was the numbers of that feedback for the UP:

  • 22,700 pieces of feedback (both individual and Pro-Forma)
  • 2,000 News items (1,150 on the internet)
  • 6,500 Social Media pieces from Facebook, Twitter and blogs to which I provided the following:
    • 250+ Tweets
    • 104 blog posts
    • 208 combined Facebook posts via the Blog
    • 100 individual stand along Facebook posts not connected to the blog
    • 10% of all Social Media “feeds” and “posts

Not particularly bad for me running this all on my own from Talking Auckland.

While things have calmed down for now with Unitary Plan posts, it will ramp up again most likely when the UP goes for formal notification. And that notification is a three-year period :O

But hey, Civic and Professional Duty here in traversing both sides of the spectrum and being your Number One leading and independent Unitary Plan commentator 😀

Job well done (okay patting myself on the back here)



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TotaRim Consultancy
Bringing Well Managed Progress to Auckland and The Unitary Plan

Auckland: 2013 – YOUR CITY, YOUR CALL


Submission Sent

105 Pages and The Room Smelling of Toner Later


Finally after 28 days (I was in Australia for part of the Unitary Plan feedback process) my submission to the first part of the Unitary Plan is in with Council.

You can see the feedback below which still only covered a select area of the UP. I have filed different submissions at different stages however on other aspects of the Unitary Plan including:

  • Parking Regulations
  • Transport
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Social Development
  • Water
  • Planning methodologies (although again mentioned in this submission)


I must apologies in advance in regards to my submission. As I imported blog posts from here into the submission, some ease of reading aspects might have been lost. All commentary on the Unitary Plan can be found here: https://voakl.net/category/planning/urban-planning-and-design/unitary-plan/

And so where next?

Unitary Plan coverage will continue although at a lesser pace until the next round begins – most likely notification later this year.

But other areas requiring commentary have come up such as Port of Auckland, my favourite – Auckland Transport, and now the elections.

A massive thank you to my readers throughout the Unitary Plan process. The UP has not been easy nor without its controversies. But pressure will continue Council as the UP and Rural Urban Boundary go through their next phases.

My Submission


Talking Auckland: Blog of TotaRim Consultancy Limited

TotaRim Consultancy
Bringing Well Managed Progress to Auckland and The Unitary Plan

Auckland: 2013 – YOUR CITY, YOUR CALL



Press Release From Auckland Council

Need More Gin


Okay I am getting press releases from Auckland Council personally now as they get sent out into the public domain and press offices. Took me by surprise a bit…

Ah well might as well copy paste it into here:

From Auckland Council

Media release
23 May 2013
One week to feedback on draft Unitary Plan
Aucklanders have one week to feedback on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse is urging people to make sure they have had their say.
“We are undertaking the largest planning process in New Zealand’s history, creating a rulebook that will guide Auckland and how it grows over the next 30 years.
“I never expected anything less than robust debate and passionate views on this plan and it is great to be getting so much feedback. This is exactly why it was released as a draft – so everyone would have the chance to be involved before the more formal step of notification.  We wanted to consult and listen and change the plan to ensure we develop the best plan possible. 
“With a week left to go in this period of informal engagement, I want to remind Aucklanders that the purpose of engaging on a “draft” draft plan is so we can change and adjust things according to feedback. We have always said we will reshape the plan and we will,” said the Deputy Mayor.
So far about 3,000 individual pieces of feedback have been received, 11,000 people have attended the Unitary Plan events, and more than 70,000 people have visited the council’s Unitary Plan website,shapeauckland.co.nz.
“The plan is large and deals with some complex issues. A lot of people have never gone through a district plan before and are not aware of what the current rules say.
“If people have specific questions or need help using the plan, please call Council on 09 3010101 so our team can help. There is misinformation out there so we encourage you to contact us if you have queries on rules, overlays, zones or using the maps.
“I have attended many events since the launch and have heard from thousands of Aucklanders, passionate about where they live and about the future of their communities and their city. I have reassured Aucklanders that we can hear their concerns and will listen.
“We will be going through all of the feedback in June and July to see where changes need to be made.”
To find out about the remaining community events and how to submit feedback by going to shapeauckland.co.nz. Feedback closes 31 May.
How to have your say
  • It’s easy to give your feedback and we want to hear all views
  • Leave a comment on on one of our blogposts – it can be short, detailed, in support, what you would change, tweak etc
  • You can fill out a Unitary Plan feedback form
  • Comment on our facebook page, or tweet @aklcouncil using the hashtag #shapeauckland
Feedback based on facts

Apparently looking at the Shape Auckland webpage it has been release under the Deputy Mayor’s name.

I think I need another Gin

Ah well – stranger things have happened

Outline for Submission to Unitary Plan

My Submission to The Unitary Plan


As May 31 – the deadline to get in your feedback to the Draft Unitary Plan approaches, I have been slowly assembling all my bits and pieces and begun writing my submission for the Draft Unitary Plan a.k.a The Clunker.

However, with The Draft Unitary Plan covering some 1700 odd pages included 510 of those pages being large-scale maps it is near impossible by myself to comment on every single aspect of The Clunker. So I have narrowed down the submission to key points of interest to me in regards to wider Auckland.

Version 1.0 of my submission to The Draft Unitary Plan will cover thus far:

  1. Why I am covering the respective points here in this feedback document
  2. Brief recap on The Draft Unitary Plan as it currently stands
  3. 400,000 homes and one million people – where are they going to go?
  4. My Housing Mix using the shapeauckland.co.nz Housing Simulator
  5. The Zones: My Alternative to the Unitary Plan Zones using work from my Auckland Plan submission – this will include:
    1. Implementing the Centralised Master Community Plan (CMCP), the Semi-Liberal Plan Districts (SLPD), and the Municipal Utility District (MUD)
    2. Reworking the zones including adding, deleting, or modifications to the Unitary Plan Zones using zone definitions from my submission to the Auckland Plan
  6. Over Intensification with the centres – who gets upgraded and who gets downgraded. Also covered is redrawing the height restrictions imposed on some centres
  7. Manukau and St Heliers; special places deserve special recognition as one size does not fit all with the Unitary Plan
  8. CMCP’s and SLPD’s and applying them to select individual places in Auckland as examples of my alternative in regards to the Unitary Plan. Papakura and the Southern Rural Urban Boundary Greenfield sites will be two of the examples used
  9. The Rural Urban Boundary in Southern Auckland:
    1. Which of the three options per the Rural Urban Boundary Addendum
    2. Why I chose that particular RUB option
    3. How it would work (this will tie in with Point 8) and its effects to wider Auckland
    4. How it affects me personally
  10. Observed Transport issues stemming from the Unitary Plan. The Auckland Transport Integrated Transport Plan will be mentioned here
  11. Other infrastructure (including social) issues stemming from the Unitary Plan
  12. Any other notes and observations from the Unitary Plan
  13. Conclusion(s)

Urban design will be covered in multiple points rather than just one set specific point.


Even this is quite a bit to cover so I better get cracking with the writing. In the mean time I will continue my jet setting around the city participating and observing Unitary Plan community meetings (which I do have an opinion of as of current) and any more Civic Forums if they come up.


But for now I need to go book another holiday – I need it – or focus my spotlight back on my favourite crowd who must be wondering “What’s Up;” – Hehe Auckland Transport I am still here 😉


My Housing Mix from The Auckland Council Housing Simulator (Attempt One using Shape Auckland Housing Simulator)


What I came up with to give my take
What I came up with to give my take


Feedback on Sky-Path

Sky-Path Asks for Feedback


In the previous post I had released the PDF presentation of the AHB Pathway Trust, Sky-Path project: “AUCKLAND HARBOUR BRIDGE – SKY PATH – (PART FOUR)

Again you can read the PDF below:





AHB Pathway Trust who are sparing heading Sky-Path have asked for feedback on the multi-million dollar project in which BR:AKL will assist. You can either leave comments below in the BR:AKL comment box, HOWEVER I and mostly the Trust would prefer you post your feedback in the channels I am posting below:


Contacts for Sky-Path:

Bevan Woodward, Project Director
AHB Pathway Trust
Mobile: 021 122 6040

Kirsten Shouler
Project Coordinator
AHB Pathway Trust


Contact Form:



Your View Forum:

Your Views – Tell us what you think


The FAQ List (Highly Recommended Reading)



Get-Across Latest News Page (Sky-Path is located here)

Latest NEWS



Again Continue to watch this space as the Sky-Path situation continues to make its way through the Council processes.