The Public Meeting Over The Mill Road Corridor

Not So Sure on the Result


Last night the public meeting over the Redoubt Road/Mill Road was held at the Vodafone Events Centre where around 160 people showed up. My apologies in not attending that particular meeting last night as I was home on both family time and completing my Manukau CBD presentation. Just noting a sense of what could be irony; while I am not a big fan of the corridor up Redoubt Road and down part of Mill Road (basically to the Alfriston Road intersection), if Manukau is going to be brought up as a CBD and the existing industry expands in the area we will need to be looking at some serious transport options rather quick.

Any how so the meeting went ahead last night although from what I can fathom no one from Auckland Transport nor the Council’s Transport Committee was present.Councillors Calum Penrose and Sir John Walker as the Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillors were present though. I also note that Green MP Julie Ann Genter was present however as well as Forest and Bird? Enough for me to raise an eye brow at this point in time as I wonder what alternatives this group would propose (apart from the Takanini Interchange upgrade allowing the 6-lane-ing of State Highway One) when Manukau takes off again and the Rural Urban Boundary has a very good chance moving East to Mill Road in the next 30-years.


I have written two particular posts on the Mill Road Corridor so far (along with the AT Plans attached). Yes I am meaning to write-up an alternative but, will not do so until my submission to the Unitary Plan is in at the end of the month:


The Herald also wrote a piece on last night’s public meeting as well: “324 properties in road’s path

I did particularly note from that Herald article a quip about the Eastern Highway being defeated. Umm no it has not. The designation is still there and part of it is being built as a legacy project that we know as AMETI. At the same time there is nothing stopping NZTA from taking the reigns and building the Highway project, something that I would not put pass them with the current Government in power. In any case the failure of that highway being built along with the Botany Line which was to come with it is already costing the city as it is most days of the week in bottle-necking and economic inefficiencies. So I would be very careful in making analogies to the Eastern Highway (and Botany Line) in regards to other projects in the pipeline.


If anyone that did go last night would like to drop a guest commentary on the public meeting, drop me a line either in the comment box or via email and I’ll see what I can arrange.


In the mean time, we continue to wait on Auckland Transport’s fine grain analysis of the corridor.