What is a Mixed Housing Zone

What Exactly is a Mixed Housing Zone



The Unitary Plan has a residential zone called Mixed Housing Zone, its description is this from the draft Unitary Plan:

Mixed Housing zone – Zone description
This zone is the most widespread residential zone in Auckland. It enables two storey housing in variety of sizes and forms detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, town houses and terraced housing and low-rise apartments. The variety of housing types and sizes provided for will increase the supply of housing, create diverse neighbourhoods and provide housing choice. This zone encourages new development patterns by providing increased housing densities with the highest density levels enabled on large sites with wide road frontages. The basis for these provisions is that the larger the size of the site and the wider its frontage, the greater the  opportunity to integrate the development into the neighbourhood and provide a range of dwelling types. Over time, the appearance of neighbourhoods within this zone will change but they will retain their suburban residential context. A resource consent is required in this zone where five or more units are being built on a site. A key part of the resource consent process will be determining if the site is of a size, shape, slope and with sufficient street frontage to achieve quality residential development. The zone provisions also ensure that development does not detract from the amenity and character of adjoining development or sites. Non-residential activities are provided for but the range is limited to those which include a residential component or will benefit the local community.


I have below as an embed a 9 page PDF on how the Mix Housing Zones COULD work in Auckland. This PDF was forwarded onto me by an anonymous source. Please NOTE that the Unitary Plan is still a draft so the PDF should be treated as a draft on how things MIGHT look under Mixed Housing


Please note that the document has not been made public yet but has gone to every Councillor and Local Board member in Auckland.


Will be keeping tabs on developments on this



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3 thoughts on “What is a Mixed Housing Zone

    1. It is – or rather was. The devil was in the English used which was sneaky by the Council but, something I have picked up on before. I shall be writing up a post on this right now on Mixed Housing Zones

  1. The critiques of the Mixed housing Zone above from a private source appear to be wanting greater profit from the sites. Key examples are the critiques of-
    1) The excellent single zone provision to have additional attached living spaces for extended families on single site zoning on min 500 sq m implying the need to reduce single house zones and reduce size requirements rather than have attached provisions;
    2) Secondly the push to have the height restriction in mixed zones of 8 metres raised, and the parking provisions reduced to allow more dwellings per site -(problematic to most residents I suggest as the purpose of the restrictions is to PREVENT many examples of the existing nightmare semi-slum type developments without storage or outdoor child space or living space many of which are Housing NZ (Corp) or greedy developer developments.

    What needs to be recognised is that many Aucklanders have a very low trust & faith in the Council to control developments and protect residents against developers in the Courts, who history shows will fight every requirement for better quality tree-scape, housing developments, apartments and heritage retention, notification requirements, to name just a few legal challenges and defeats Council has suffered recently….

    We actually need significant reductions in the size and scale of the MIXED Housing Zone in many communities especially where pre- 1940 single houses are now at risk of demolition and replacement with large no limits or densities multiple housing developments ! Each community needs to be able to examine the suitability of the MIXED ZONE BEFORE these things start going up next door and given the “no need to notify” even neighbours of developments, by the existing Council who has any confidence in this possible Resource Consent process.

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