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While I wait for Orsman to go drop the next piece to be debunked I thought I might share you this what was shared to me. We have those in Auckland with legitimate concerns with the Unitary Plan. They would be St Heliers, Mt Eden, Manurewa, and those in the Southern RUB. We have those that are just utter scaremongering with the UP. They would be a particular Herald journalist and a pile of representatives from over the Shore. But here in Manukau it seems we are forgotten with the Unitary Plan and not realised by the rest of the city its true and full potential. Basically we down here are jumping up and down waiting for the urban renewal that would be allowed under the Unitary Plan – ready to go!


Last Tuesday I gave my presentation on Manukau as the Second CBD of Auckland.


Today this was shared with me on Facebook:

Manukau animation


Manukau by 2031 and in my opinion a conservative estimate of what she could become


Take a few of the repetitive buildings out of Ronwood Avenue and replace them with plazas, add a couple super tall’s (200 metres plus) as feature towers, build the Manukau South Rail Link and we get a Manukau that would make Southern Auckland proud! Not only proud but truly a second CBD of Auckland. Although I might have to blush a little bit if it takes the gloss off the existing CBD.


Still something to aim for with Manukau – the true and actual second CBD of Auckland!



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