The Manukau Presentation

The Manukau as the Second CBD of Auckland Presentation


Yesterday I gave my presentation to the Auckland Plan Committee on ‘Manukau as the Second CBD of Auckland.’


I will repost both the Powerpoint presentation and the full 41 page booklet that contains the information and evidence into my assertion not only Manukau but the other two aspects: Auckland as a Megaopolis, and Auckland having three distinct metropolitan areas.

All-About-Auckland also have the video feed including the question and answer session that followed the presentation which I will also attach to this post as well. The feedback from the Councillors and the Deputy Mayor were good with the main reaction being “thought-provoking” and a different insight to how one sees Auckland – The City. Questions did flow mostly around the “sense of identity” and notion of a dual core city being more sustainable than a mono-core city. The notion of sustainability and dual core cities also came up in the Generation Zero Unitary Plan Forum last night in regards to cross-city commuting – a matter I have commented on before for the last three years. I will go into the specifics more about cross-city commuting in my Generation Zero post later today. But, first the presentation.


The Powerpoint version


The Booklet


The Video Feed of yesterday’s presentation along with comments and questions

[Note: While the video is “free” you do need to register first]

Unitary Plan: Manukau being upgraded from a Metropolitan Zone to a City Centre Zone – Ben Ross


I have acknowledged the comments made by the Deputy Mayor – Penny Hulse on my work and contributions to the Unitary Plan thus far. My Civic Duty post outlines the reasons behind the work and dedication to the UP thus far and which will continue past May 31.

But now, time to finish my submission off and get it in



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