Looking at Mayoral Candidates

First Look at John Palino


As we approach October 12 – the Local Government Elections where we vote for Mayor, Councillors, Local Board members and the District Health Boards; Talking Auckland will be keeping an eye on the run up to the day and providing commentary of the hot button issues.

Today we take our first look at mayoral candidate competing again the incumbent Len Brown; John Palino.

First his new networking card that has come off the printers and is now doing the rounds:

You can see on the orange (not red folks) back some basic policy narratives coming into play. Now I did quip when someone asked about hard policy that you can not fit a 7,000 page Unitary Plan style manifesto onto a business card. But, you can start getting people to talk and the card has already done that – so success there.

Let’s take a look at that talking point:

  • Nick Kearney Completely the wrong colour!! That’s bloody Labour’s colour!! What is he thinking. And this “Sorting out traffic congestion” is just pointless. People have promised that for 30years and still look where we are.
    • Ben Ross Now now Nick – go read my blog posts on why Williamson got trumped. Old Labour vs National, C&R vs City Vision is disappearing if not gone from Super City elections. Playing the blue on one side and red on the other would illustrate bi-partisan and easy traversing between the divide – something I do and did with the UP with extreme ease  

      Plus hey – the “pointless” point worked if it has you talking. Effective Political Marketing (like advertising) 101


As we move into the formal campaign period starting July 12 followed by the six week “final” campaign “proper” the heavy policy stuff will come out for people to run over with their fine tooth combs. But right now it is the introductions, the how are you, creating talking points and then talking to the people – the voters. The people or as I like to say our 1.5 million “experts” all have something to say and that something to say on how the feel about their city, their home. And from that you get an insight into what they want to see for a Better Auckland – A Better Home.


I have asked John for a short sharp “introduction” piece of himself and what he wants to bring if he is elected as Mayor of Auckland. Mayor Len Brown will also be “asked” as for an introduction piece as well. In a way it will also be telling if I get both introductions as it will also tell who does care for the little people, the individuals and citizens of Auckland.

As we also approach October 12 I will shine the light onto those seeking the Ward Council vote. As it is our Councillors that have the power either supporting or opposing the Mayor’s policy direction.


In the meantime Talking Auckland wants to know what you would like to see for a Better Auckland. Whether it be general or specific share your thoughts in the comment box below. If you are not quite sure on a talking point then check John’s talking points above and take it from there. We have 1.5 million people living in Auckland thus 1.5 million experts.

Just remember for comments to be tactful and respectful. Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the best choice and shows a greater level of maturity between the two participants.