How Would You Like Your Bus Service Today?

AT Preparing for Consultation


From June 19 until Mid August Auckland Transport will begin the consultation round on the proposed bus network for Southern Auckland. You can keep tabs on the process at AT’s “New Public Transport Network” page. Please note for the moment: This page will be updated for the New Network for South Auckland on Wednesday 19 June. If you have come to find out more, or to have your say, please come back then.

I have run commentary before on the proposed changes, the most recent being my “Proposed Public Transport Network – Southern Auckland” post. Having submitted and presented to the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) from which our rebuilding of the public transport network comes from, and having my recommended bus route for eastern Papakura/Takanini/Addison pretty much “carried through” in several of the proposed options; I am keeping a very close eye on developments and engaging AT as required.

Come June 19 I will be starting the next round of engagement as AT seeks to “finalise” the Southern Auckland bus routes out before implementation in Mid to late 2014.

In the same regard as a professional level, my consulting company – TotaRim will also be available to members of the community (includes businesses) under the Transport Planning/Management and Advocacy division to assist in either understanding the proposals or getting effective feedback back to AT for their consideration.

I will be drawing up a flyer advertising TotaRim’s transport planning/management services in the coming days.


Exciting times ahead though as the city slowly but surely (slow and steady wins the race?) move towards a fully integrated public transport system. In saying that we have a very long way to go on this journey…

A Look at the new Southern Auckland Network Proposal

These are the consultation and implementation dates for the new public transport network

Areas ​Consultation ​Implementation
South Auckland 19 June 2013 to
2 August 2013
Mid – end 2014​
North Auckland​ Early 2014​ Mid 2015​
Central, East and West Auckland Late 2014​ Mid 2016​