Unitary Plan Workshop Dates

Pending Dates on Unitary Plan Workshops


Not quite sure if this was meant to be out for public consumption but Councillor George Wood has released this piece into Scribd for the world to see.

Embedded below the Workshop dates for the Unitary Plan


Least I know where to point particular and specific topic based Unitary Plan question at depending on when a specific workshop is held. I notice the number one apparent issue “Zoning” is not on the workshop agendas with the city centre (or rather centres) issue to be discussed last.

I also see the 8th of July is a very critical day to watch as the Rural Urban Boundary as well as the Special Housing Areas will be discussed at length. I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear that workshop as it is bound to be near super-heated knowing Councillors and Local Board views around those two particular issues.

All eyes will be at front as we wait patiently for the outcomes of these workshops.


Update on my Unitary Plan query

My query I sent by email to Council over the height issue has been acknowledged by Council. At the moment I am in a “holding pattern” over the particular query as the Unitary Plan team is effectively snowed under in getting on top of the UP feedback material. I appreciate the no small task the UP team has in front of them and the amount of strain it might cause. Subsequently I will wait until you guys get a spare moment.