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Off to Another Unitary Plan Civic Forum

Dialogue and Discussion Time Again


On The Clunker



Unitary Plan feedback is well under way between Local Boards and their constituents if social media and public meetings are anything to go by currently. The cut off date for your feedback for the Draft Unitary Plan is May 31 so make sure you get your submission in if you want to influence how your city turns out through the 21st Century.


I have been invited to another Civic Forum on the Unitary Plan to which I am going to the Manukau session this Saturday. By the looks of the invitation we will be looking at with the Unitary Plan team:

Key things are:

  • how we create housing choices and more affordable housing

  • how we enable businesses to develop and grow

  • how we protect our region’s environment, heritage and character.



So residential, commercial and industrial matters which I have covered previously in these posts: “THE UNITARY PLAN, AND THE CMCP AND SLPD’S,” “THE CLUNKER AND BUSINESS ZONES,” and “THE CLUNKER AND RESIDENTIAL ZONING are going to be feedback sort after as well as; environment, heritage and character.


As Rural Urban Boundary specific feedback sessions are coming up next month (I believe) it would be a waste of limited time to go into that detail in great depth. However; zoning, choice, urban design, and those two new taxes are open for debate as well as me most likely pushing for Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) as an option for consideration.


So off I go to the Manukau Civic building on Saturday (lunch is being served too) to discuss more Unitary Plan. 


Betterment Taxes And Inclusionary Zoning?

Some Homework for Auckland Citizens


As we await the release of the Draft Unitary Plan on March 15  I would like to bring to your attention two items being sort for discussion in the Unitary Plan by Council. They are called “Sharing Land Value Uplift from Rezoning” and “Inclusionary Zoning;” of which both come under “Additional Tools for Enabling Affordable Neighbourhoods” under the Draft Unitary Plan.


Now these two options can be found from Page 67 in the embedded document below (so you might need to scroll if Scribd does not automatically go to that page):


For you homework I would like you to read these two “Additional Tools for Enabling Affordable Neighbourhoods” then post for your feedback here at BR:AKL on them.

Wikipedia also has a nice piece on Inclusionary Zoning which you can see by clicking the respective hyperlinks in red. I noticed Inclusionary Zoning is a tool from the USA while Sharing Land Value Uplift is from the UK.


However, I am currently reading it and from what I interpret so far both tools are additional taxes to middle and upper class citizens in a wealth distributing exercise for the lower and working classes here in Auckland. In effect Auckland Council is going to be coercing either directly or indirectly (through developers having to comply and as a result pass extra costs on) citizens and developers through regulations and plans to at least set aside for “affordable housing” (which is often becomes social housing) rather than do the actual opposite and liberalise our regulations and plans allowing at least developers to act more freely in providing a range of housing without costing the citizenry in Auckland.


So either you get a tax slugged on top of your rates and maybe targeted rates for whatever the Council decides to do with that money, or coerced into providing social housing at the cost of a large bulk of Auckland citizenry who end up carrying the can for this provision (rather than the State undertaking the social housing exercises via Housing NZ).

Time to delved deeper into these two new coercive and taxation regimes lurking in the Unitary Plan draft.


Remembering I stand for a more liberalised planning and provision approach to building neighbourhoods in Auckland.