The Manukau Interchange

Sorry Not Inspiring


I have read the plans about five times now in regards for the proposed Manukau Interchange that will be discussed tomorrow at the Auckland Plan Committee.

Check from page 39 of the agenda – Lot 59 Concept Master Plan


Despite what Auckland Transport Blog might think of it, I have a reviewed the material countless times, considered it against the Super Metropolitan Centre concept idea for which Manukau is the prototype; I am sorry Auckland Council and Auckland Transport but, while we need the interchange – what you have is designed wrong and will not serve the South.

The interchange located in a virtual alleyway environment rather than a street or open park environment will do nothing to allay the Fear of Crime situation with bus users. Tucked in between two rows of mid rise buildings? Yeah-nah Council and AT not going to work well. This will be especially if train passenger traffic, students, workers and shoppers will naturally move to.from the MIT/Manukau Train Station through and in front of the shops on Putney Way, and then onto the Mall at the eastern end.

The alley type environment of the bus interchange along with the Fear of Crime situation will be only made worse if commercial developers decide to test the height limits and gun for 18-26 storey towers in that area. And I would not be saying no to them either with the Manukau CBD (as the agenda says on page 40 – point 14 meant to be taking a fair brunt of growth and intensification during the life of the Unitary Plan.


Where to put the Interchange?

Easy – Putney Way. Flip Putney Way into a car excluded shared zone (for buses and pedestrians) and have the buses stop right outside shop fronts and apartment building entrances. Right in the thick of pedestrian traffic flows and right in the full open that reduces the Fear of Crime (and actual crime) tendencies.

I have some still relevant mock ups on what I would do with Lot 59 and the bus interchange as an alternative.

The mock ups

I have included the MIT Building that is under construction so that you can get a sense of direction.

Now admittedly my concept will need a slight change along the Putney Way area to accommodate the bus interchange. But, in theory 10-12 buses (5-6 each side as it is still a two-way street) could be parked up exchanging passengers right at someone’s front door (apartment, office, cafe or shop).

For the rest of it you get your mid rise (can be moved to high-rise) complex complete with shops, office, eating places, apartments (the green), bus interchange, plazas, and a car park facility.


Oh yes car parks

I note in the agenda that Council want to use the South Hayman Park empty land for storing their fleet cars. What a waste of land even if temporary as well as being a blight on the landscape.

No Council and AT, my concept for a bit more money has an underground car park below the complex. Out of sight, out of mind, and able to store your fleet cars as well as cars for the wider complex (should people need them).


And so will I be presenting on this tomorrow? No I want to hear the Council presentation first. After that then I will give my presentation on my alternative. But, for now here is the general concept idea.

Lot 59 – Yes-No Auckland Council – you can do better



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