Port Confusion?

So are we going this way or that with Port of Auckland


I know I was going to be “silent” on running Port of Auckland Commentary but, this article in the NZ Herald has me baffled. The article being: “Mayor shelves port expansion plans

So are we going this way or that with Port of Auckland? That is a serious question because looking at agendas, Main Stream Media Articles, notes taken from meetings with officials, and documents; one would stand there and go huh?

From the Herald Article by Bernard Orsman

Brown says Auckland needs to have conversation about port’s future based on proper analysis


Auckland Mayor Len Brown has shelved the latest plans to expand Waitemata Harbour for port business until the consequences for the rest of the city are known.

Last night, Mr Brown said the city needed to have a conversation about the future of Auckland’s port based on proper analysis.


“Before we make any decisions about whether the port expands or otherwise, we need an informed discussion with Aucklanders, underpinned by a robust study that includes consideration of economic, social and environmental factors.”


Details of the study, which is not likely to start until next year, are expected to be made by Mr Brown in the coming weeks.


Mr Brown’s statement follows a series on port expansion by the Herald this week and a fresh campaign by the Heart of the City lobby group to have a rethink and not rush Ports of Auckland’s latest expansionary plans into the Unitary Plan.


You can read the rest of the article over at the Herald site as it covers people’s view points.

So the Mayor thinks we (the City) need to have a conversation about the Port – again? I thought we already did that after Part One of the Upper North Island Port Review (which I have a copy of and read) was commissioned and acknowledged by Council. Part Two was never commissioned due to Councillor Ann Hartley exercising a lack of foresight into the issue. And we now have Centre Right Councillors (Quax and Fletcher) refusing to back Part Two of the much required study despite the Mayor’s call for a conversation.

As a Recap to Parts One and Two

(From the Herald)

Stage 1
* A technical study by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the current and future freight demand and supply for the three upper North Island ports, Auckland, Tauranga and Northland.

It found:
* The upper North Island needs all its ports to meet strong growth, and the best way to meet future demand is to grow the ports.
* Ports of Auckland is likely to face capacity constraints before Tauranga and Northland.
* Losing the 3ha of land at Captain Cook and Marsden wharves would make matters worse.
* Further reclamation needed over the next 30 years, but less than previously thought.

Stage 2
* To inform the long-term strategic planning choices for the Auckland waterfront.

To consider:
* Different configurations and alternative locations for Ports of Auckland.
* Economic costs and benefits of various options.
* Alignment with current transport strategies, plans and programmes.
* Legal and other barriers to various options.
* Auckland Council engaging with communities with an interest in port development about the results of the work.


In reply to all this I dedicated a series of posts on both the option of relocating the Port to the south-east of Auckland, and an idea what to do with the then vacant land on the waterfront worth literally billions (and enough to fund any port movements)


In my eyes all the material is there for if someone is bold enough to move the port as has been done internationally (Sydney being the closest example with Port Botany taking over Sydney Harbour).

As for sending an idea to Port of Auckland on moving their Wiri Inland Facility down the road. Well the Port has my idea and am waiting back to see what they think of it. Regardless of the two-year (insofar) debate on the Port where it is now at the Waterfront and maybe relocating it? Well the Wiri idea continues regardless as the new facility will have both a north and south-facing turn off into the spur line feeding the new facility. Although the facility would rather than handle freight from the port where it is now wanting to head south out of the city, it would handle freight wanting to go into Auckland and further north from the relocation site (Clevedon).


Ah well, lets see what comes about either on Tuesday or on the 28th, 29th and 30th of August at the Auckland Plan Committee about Port of Auckland.

Oh and I better update those indexes too now that the debate has cropped up again


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