Getting Ready for September 30

Preparing for the Formal Notification of The Unitary Plan


Tomorrow afternoon myself and other media will get to have an introduction at both the revised Unitary Plan that will be released September 30 for formal notification, and the Auckland Design Manual.


The Auckland Design Manual was shown off in the public session of The Auckland Plan Committee (I think) either last month or the month before. However, back then it was still going through touch up’s ready for the September 30 release. Tomorrow I (and the others) will get to have a first glimpse at the finished product and how it will work (both literally and when applying it to Unitary Plan applications).


In regards to the revised Unitary Plan it will be a case of covering the process from notification, what information will be available on the 30 September and a demonstration how to use the revised online Unitary Plan.

Talking Auckland like in the first feedback round will be running extensive independent commentary during the formal submission phase (30 September, 2013 – 24 February, 2014). At the same time I will also be preparing my submission for this phase of the Unitary Plan as well.


As a last word for this post please remember: The Unitary Plan from September 30 goes back out into the public arena for YOUR submissions. Don’t like an aspect of the Unitary Plan? Then write a submission and be prepared to attend a hearing in front of independent Commissioners as they decide what goes into the final version of the Unitary Plan (subject to appeals).

This is again your chance folks to have your say on how Auckland will be shaped for the next thirty years – so make it count. 

And do not believe the hype about those candidates who would want to withdraw the Unitary Plan from notification, tinker it, then send it back to notification. If they don’t like what is in the Unitary Plan then they like the rest of us can send in a submission and be prepared for the hearings. 

In any case with no rattling by Central Government with the Unitary Plan (despite any misgivings they might hold themselves) I would take it they are satisfied with how things are going so far. Otherwise they would have intervened by now – which they have not nor threatening to do so. So why let a spanner be thrown in by these scaremongering candidates because I am sure that spanner WILL cause the Government to intervene.


September 30 – when we start making it count for Auckland’s Future!


Also keep tabs of Official Auckland Council Unitary Plan information here:



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