Coming Up with The Unitary Plan AND The Auckland Design Manual

A Run Down in What to Expect from September 30


I attended the media briefing in regards to the Unitary Plan and The Auckland Design Manual which come out Monday – September 30th.

At the moment I am writing up my blog post from the briefing will have it up either tomorrow or Saturday morning.

As a teaser you can check the covers to some documents I received from the briefing today.

Update: I now have Scribd working – thus I can embed the “teaser” covers for you 😉



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6 thoughts on “Coming Up with The Unitary Plan AND The Auckland Design Manual

    1. Thanks Luke.

      Both Matt and I were there at the briefing today and will be drawing up our own respective posts on the Unitary Plan and Auckland Design Manual over the next few days. Looking back at my notebook there is plenty of material there

      1. Ben has been fantastic at overlooking the grandstanding of the likes of yourself, Brewer, Palino etc and has detailed actual facts from the DUP process. That is more than most people in council or the media have done, preferring instead to sensationalise and spout populist ideas without actual details.

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