The Auckland Design Manual – What to Expect from September 30

What to Expect from September 30 – with The ADM



On September 30 – the same day the Unitary Plan becomes formally notified, The Auckland Design Manual also goes live.

It is to note that while the Unitary Plan is a Statutory document, the Auckland Design Manual is not. Please remember this.


The website that will house the Auckland Design Manual – an international first says Urban Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid can be found here: Just remember folks it goes live on September 30 🙂

I have a flyer and a FAQ sheet that outlines what the Auckland Design Manual is, does and how it will work in the future.

The Flyer


The FAQ List


Some extra quick titbits on The Auckland Design Manual

  • The ADM gives a GUIDE when building, renovating or developing residential, commercial, industrial and mix use buildings
  • Ideas and examples are from Auckland although there are national and international examples as well
  • The initial examples are to get the ball rolling with the ADM site able later on to take “user content”
  • This user content facility would be able to allow people to share knowledge, wisdom and advice on good solid urban design principles/examples over time. So basically if you think you have a good urban design idea or principle that can be translated into the Auckland cityscape fabric, then soon you will be able to upload and share
  • The ADM site initially start initially with housing, then streets, neighbourhoods and finally parks. Commercial and industrial urban design principles will also be rolled out soon
  • The ADM site will facilitate blogging to get dialogue going in regards to the Auckland Design Manual. Ludo wanted to see the blog act as a co-creation between users, builders/developers and Council as they are the main shape or place makers for wider Auckland. Of course this is going to be an interesting exercise as good urban design is in the eyes of the beholder. Or rather those who can squeak the loudest (often the small minority groups)
  • Major stress was placed especially with residential development that good urban design does not mean $$$$ needs to be spent.

That last bullet point will need a lot of fleshing out by the wider city as good urban design does not necessarily Grand Designs or House of the Year (which to me look all butt ugly any how). It is hoped that the ADM blogging and user dialogue would allow to be fleshed out good urban design principles (for residential developments) at modest prices mum’s and dads can afford. No point going for the French Champaign if all you have is a beer budget when it comes to residential design (something quite a few Aucklanders need to learn actually).


Next week I will be playing around with the Auckland Design Manual website and post my initial thoughts here.

What is better than urban planning? Well Urban Design – use to spend hours upon hours playing around with it in the old Sim City 4 days. Giving a mega city the personal touch in localised area 🙂

September 30 – when the Auckland Design Manual goes live