Papakura – The Place to Be – For First Home Buyers

Bugger There Go My Rates – Upwards

I noticed a Facebook status from Councillor Cathy Casey this morning which caught my surprise. The status message being: “Looking for a house under $400,000? Head to Papakura.”

I am like going – okay and oh bugger.

From the NZ Herald today

Survey reveals where all the cheap houses are

By Alanah Eriksen @AlanahEriksen 5:30 AM Saturday Sep 28, 2013

House-hunters looking for a home under $400,000 should steer clear of the North Shore, where only 7 per cent of properties sold last month fell into that price range, and instead look at Papakura.

Real Estate Institute figures compiled for the Herald reveal how many homes were in that first-home buyer bracket in the regions of New Zealand’s main centres.


As of Tuesday, buyers hoping to qualify for KiwiSaver‘s first-home subsidy cannot buy homes for more than $485,000 in Auckland, $400,000 in Christchurch city and Selwyn district, and $425,000 in Wellington city.


Papakura is the place to look for first-home buyers, with 60 per cent of its on-the-market homes priced under $400,000.

The website, which lists homes for sale with all the major real estate companies, shows 221 listings in Papakura priced at less than $400,000.

Real estate agent Ken Kallil, of the LJ Hooker Papakura branch, said he had seen a huge influx of first home buyers searching in the area over the past year.


“If people are going to come to Auckland, spend $1 million on a three-bedroom villa with no section at all in Ponsonby, well for the same amount you could come down here and buy somewhere in Papakura, Wattle Downs sort of area, a five-bedroom brick [home] on a good-sized section.”


He said in off-peak traffic, it took only 20 minutes to drive from his office into the city.

Real Estate Institute chief executive Helen O’Sullivan said: “I think the data indicates that there are properties available in the under $400,000 category if buyers are able to be flexible as to location and property type.

You can read the full article over at the Herald site


Why oh why though they need to advertise that fact about Papakura? 😛 As Mr Kallil of LJ Hooker said there had been an influx of first home buyers looking in the area. That will drive the value of the properties around here up but also my rates bill as well… :p Ah well suppose it had to happen some time.

Rates grief aside though Papakura is one of Auckland’s hidden gems that while rough around the edges, a bit of spit and polish and the area is pretty good. Papakura is where I reside with Rebekka in our first home that we got for $282,000. It got us a do-up 3 bedroom ex army house on a 510m2 section in a good area of Papakura. While the garden looks like a wild-field of weeds from the winter (which also makes good chicken food as we have chickens) the house is looking good as we continue the renovations.

These are some of the things Papakura has going for it as an attractive place to live:

  • 23 minutes off-peak by car from the Takanini Interchange to the CBD
  • 53 minutes from Papakura to Britomart by train – soon to be reduced to 40-45mins with the new electrics coming
  • 7 minutes to Manukau by car (need the Manukau Rail South Link to make the 13 minute rail journey viable)
  • Recreational Facilities including: Bruce Pulman Park, Papakura Netball Centre, and McLennan Park
  • Manukau Harbour on back doorstep to the west, rural living on the back door step to the eat
  • 15 minutes from the airport
  • Brand new Takanini Village and the ever-expanding Addison residential development
  • Rosehill College


There are things which need to be done to Papakura to spruce it up a bit more such as: upgrading the Papakura Town Centre and building the Glenora Road Station in Addison. But, for the most part we are happy here and have no intention in moving from the area soon.

For those looking for work away from the CBD (thus the commute) there are several employment hubs both commercial and industrial nearby (with more being built or proposed). Our primary hub – the Manukau City Centre is a decent place to go shopping, scream your lungs out at Rainbows End, soon visit the Te Papa North facility or even expand your education with AUT and MIT in the area.

So those who do not fall for the Champaign tastes on beer budget syndrome there is quite a bit to choose from in Papakura. Granted some houses need a bit of work but hey its your own home 😀

And nuts there goes the rates bill as we become the next “in” area.