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Talking Auckland Series – 21st Urban Design


Through until the end of the year I will be running a series on “Looking at Developing a 21st Century Auckland.” Brent Toderian gave a presentation last week on how Vancouver brought itself into 21st Century and how it continues looking in advancing itself with urban design. Brent was able to translate Vancouver’s experience in Urban Design into how Auckland can advance itself with its Urban Design into the 21st Century.


The good news is that thanks to Darren Davis in shrinking Brent’s presentation PDF, and to Auckland Council for hosting the video feed I am able to either link or share both with you here.

The video link (note – entire session is 1:45 minutes long and includes introductions and questions): Design for Auckland


The Presentation in PDF File

Note: it is 132 pages long and is 40MB to download if you wish to download



Particular attention in this upcoming Talking Auckland series on “Looking at Developing a 21st Century Auckland” will be focusing around what Brent called Auckland’s Second Tier Cities/Centres – or what we and the Auckland/Unitary Plans refer them as our Metropolitan Centres. There are ten Metropolitan Centres listed in Auckland that under the Council plans will be treated as our second tier centres behind the main Central Business District (CBD).

You can see from page 20 of the PDF presentation or 47:50mins of the video presentation Brent talking about the war on City by Design (as Vancouver is known as) concepts if a city wishes to embark on it is won or lost in suburbia. From the page 20 or 47:50min mark Brent was referring to our Metropolitan Centres. Irony would have it that the group I was with that night at the presentation were all nodding and going at that particular moment in the presentation – MANUKAU! Brent was at that point in the presentation referring to Manukau – our actual and ONLY second tier centre (the other Metro Centres are third tier in my opinion).

Thus the main focus is going to look at our suburbia rather than the CBD which to me is looked after with the City Centre Master Plan now in operation, especially with the Area Plans now coming up for development.

At the same time I will be drawing up a presentation for the Urban, Rural Development Committee (Auckland Council outlining my preferences in who should have Area Plans developed first based on Brent’s presentation. In short this should be the absolute priority order in developing the Area Plans:

  1. Manukau
  2. Albany and New Lynn
  3. All other Metropolitan Centres and Pakuranga Town Centre
  4. Town Centres
  5. Local Centres


I will post a further update on the Committee Presentation and content once speaking rights are secured.


I should have the first Series post also up by tomorrow afternoon while existing Manukau posts can be found by searching ‘Manukau’ in the Talking Auckland search box (or clicking on the Category box at the bottom of the post)


Talking Auckland: Looking at Developing a 21st Century Auckland


Commercial Area with underground Plazas
Commercial Area with underground Plazas