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City Planning – Vancouver Styles

Pause the Unitary Plan Process says Visiting Vancouver Planner Dr Ann McAfee


Another video from All About Auckland, this time in regards to the Unitary Plan. Check the interview with Dr McAfee on “Vancouver City Plan Done By Lunchtime – Dr Ann McAfee.” Note the governance differences between Vancouver and Auckland as well as the maturity from Vancouver politicians to pause their planning discussions during an election cycle. Something I don’t think we can count on here much with Auckland and the Unitary Plan?

While again I did take notes myself I did notice Dr McAfee’s reference to those aged between 20-29 need to have a near if not critical importance in the role, discussion, and formation of the Unitary Plan. Something I have been doing very extensively with the Unitary Plan thus far as seen in these two examples:


But check the video out none the less as it is really informative



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