Unitary Plan Rating Well

Unitary Continues to Rate Well and Show Support


I have done a post on this somewhere when the figures were emailed to me but can’t seem to find them. However, there is this from Auckland Council:

Strongest Unitary Plan support for environment, design and heritage 


A public survey has revealed the strongest support (84%) for the Auckland Unitary Plan relates to its protection of the natural environment, including open spaces, the countryside and coastal areas.


After the environment, top priorities for Aucklanders in the Unitary Plan are better design in our buildings and places (80% support) and protecting our heritage and character areas (76% support).


Chief Planning Officer Dr Roger Blakeley says “We had an excellent response when we asked Aucklanders for their informal feedback on the March draft of the plan, with 21,000 people having their say. But these survey results help to give a broader picture of where Aucklanders as a whole – including those who didn’t give feedback – stand on the key elements that make up the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


“This next phase of the plan is the formal submission phase, so I would really encourage Aucklanders to look at the plan online (www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/unitaryplan) or attend one of our open days to find out more,” he says.


The survey also revealed that more than 2.5 times more people support development in and around centres than don’t support it (see table below).


Key principles of the Unitary Plan


Don’t support

Better design in our buildings and places



Creating a business-friendly city by providing more space for businesses to grow and bringing businesses closer together in more attractive and compact areas



Protecting the natural environment, including open spaces, the countryside and coastal areas



Protecting our heritage and character areas



Enhancing the rural economy and protecting productive rural land



Enabling more people to live in and around our town and local centres in a greater choice of homes, including terraced housing, apartments and family homes





The results are based on a survey of 500 Aucklanders, with a 4.4% margin of error. The sample size does not fully enable the results to be broken down by ethnic group, but it appears that Maori tend to feel most positively about Auckland’s growth: 73 per cent of Maori support more people living in and around town centres, with just 1% not supporting it.


At the same time, support for the vision to create the world’s most liveable city remains high, increasing to 82 per cent.



The point I have highlighted in bold is an interesting one. If this point on Maori support with the town centres can further substantiated then this serves a “note” to in particular the Manurewa Local Board (and also Papakura Local Board) who were purporting the opposite (and resulted in a major Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone immediately south of Manukau City Centre downgraded to Mixed Housing Suburban).

This means Manurewa Town Centre and the suburban corridor from that centre to Manukau (with the rail line and State Highway one as the West-East boundaries) can take Mixed Housing Urban and Terrace Housing/Apartments in Wiri and around the Manurewa Town Centre with relative ease. Just got to get the urban design parameters right – which the Auckland Design Manual is slowly doing.


Do not forget folks the Unitary Plan Open Days – the days still to go listed here: Reminder: Unitary Plan Open Days

A perfect opportunity to get both clued up on the actual Unitary Plan and enter a dialogue with the planners 🙂