Transport Blog’s Alternative to the East-West Link Motorways

Something Simple, Less Complex, More Beneficial and Less Destructive


Transport Blog this morning posted up the alternative to the gold-plated East-West Motorway options being proposed by NZTA and Auckland Transport. You can read the post over at their site, below is a quick introduction:

By Matt L, on November 19th, 2013

Late last week we detailed a couple of options about the East-West link. The first was a suggestion by a local business group involving an 8 lane motorway between Onehunga and Highbrook which was primarily along the northern edge of the Manukau Harbour and while it is pretty extreme, isn’t overly that much different to the official Option 3. The second we looked at was Option 4 which was a motorway between Highbrook and the Mangere end of SH20A which would result in over 500 houses needed to be demolished.

Before I go further that I think it’s worth pointing out that just because I don’t agree with the motorway proposals that it doesn’t mean I don’t agree that something needs to be done in the area to improve transport. So I guess the question really becomes – what would we do differently?


Talking Auckland has already given commentary on Options 4 and 8 of the East-West Motorway plans here:

In essence I also believe in the alternative Matt drew up in his blog post this morning and even have commented about such an alternative on both Talking Auckland threads (linked above).

The Physical Infrastructure Committee (chaired by Councillor Mike Lee) meets next month:

  • 4 December 1.00 pm Physical Infrastructure Committee at Town Hall


On last word Council was asked to be briefed by Auckland Transport at that Committee on the East-West Link and the quite literally grief it is giving communities. Also I am aware presentations will be likely made against the project by various groups as well.

All-in-all this is going to be a tough time and battle ahead with these destructive gold-plated options that do not need to happen. Not when cheaper, more beneficial but less destructive alternatives are out there.



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  1. I thought there was a housing shortage ?! so way on earth destroy 500 in use houses just to tarmac a bit more of the Auckland isthmus.
    Cliff Dew

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