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2015 Rail Station Boarding Stats Released

Manukau and Panmure doing exceptionally well On top of the announcement yesterday that Auckland’s rail patronage had hit 14 million trips (annual) (Rail Breaks 14 Million Threshold) did Transport Blog also … Continue reading 2015 Rail Station Boarding Stats Released

City Centre East-West Connections

Improving Connections Through the City Centre


Yesterday Transport Blog via a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request posted on plans to improve both the east-west links in the Auckland City Centre as well as (as a result) vitality of the City Centre.

Transport Blog have done their own commentary on this and I’ll leave the commentary at that (see: The City East West Transport Study )

What have done is attach the document as an embed so that you can read the PDF which is at 44MB in size without busting your bandwidth (via downloading) – especially if on a tablet or mobile device.


The City Centre East West Link Report – courtesy of Transport Blog

Attribution: http://transportblog.co.nz/2014/08/08/the-city-east-west-transport-study/ 


At 274 pages long I have not read it fully yet myself but from what I have seen it is certainly interesting and doable over time. The catch is will we have political will power to do it…

Time will tell as it always does