Coming Up – Results from the Presentation Today

Excellent Results from the Presentation and a Surprise as well


Today I gave the presentation on ‘Developing a 21st Century Auckland‘ to the Auckland Development Committee this morning. A thank you to Deputy Mayor and chair of the committee for the presentation slot this morning and thank you to the Councillors, IMSB and Mayor for listening and receiving the presentation.


I will write-up the results from today’s presentation including a surprise – well surprises after the presentation. Put it this way I have not seen Councillors focused on the task at hand and “setting the tasks” to the planners and urban designers in a long while. Meaning the Committees have a tendency to go wonder all over the show with lines of questions and long-winded speeches (comments) to Council Officers. But today the Councillors were focusing their attention  and efforts to the single task at hand – Manukau (and later Albany).


I am still compiling up my notes and waiting for the All About Auckland video from today. Once this is all done (tonight) I will get the blog post up tomorrow but essentially an excellent day today and I am quote ‘stoked.’


MCC Mall Concept Redevelopment drawing - base
MCC Mall Concept Redevelopment drawing – base