Infrastructure (Physical) Committee Agenda is Up

East-West Link to be the most vexed issue


The Auckland Council Physical Infrastructure Committee (chaired by Councillor Mike Lee) Agenda is up and available at the Council website. Or for your ease of reading you can read the agenda in the embed below.


As you can see there is quite a bit on the agenda (but not as much as the Auckland Development Committee) and a couple of heavy hitting items on the list as well.

The East-West Link will be debated, presented on, mentioned and briefed to which I no doubt there will be some teeth gnashing to occur on what to do about the situation.


After some reviewing and a discussion about the East-West Link I have the gut feeling pragmatism is going to apply when a final decision about the Link is made. Currently these are the views (after some reflections) I hold towards Option 4 and Option 8 of the East-West Link after showing initial opposition:

  1. Option 4: Still opposed the that particular option fully. This is especially when friends and family are in the direct firing line.
  2. Option 8: Moved from openly hostile to a more neutral position on this particular option. It means I neither support nor oppose this particular option at the moment. What it does mean though is the following:
    1. I am open to hearing arguments for and against Option 8. I will even allow guest posts and contributions on Option 8 – please remember standard Talking Auckland rules apply
    2. I will be looking at more research including site visits and tours of the areas affected by Option 8 to gauge the situation more fully (this is the Geographer side of me kicking in)
    3. Owing to pragmatism and if NZTA and Auckland Transport decide to lock one option down then can strong mitigation techniques be put into place for the project both when it’s under construction and in operation. Again this is the Geographer side of me kicking in where Geography students at the University of Auckland are taught mitigation and mitigation techniques both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So if Option 8 is going to happen and be built, how do we make best of the situation that can turn into a Win-Win-Win for the parties (something research can flesh out)


Looking at this it means things are going to be busy for a while with both Manukau and the East-West Link projects currently up on the blocks. Something that honestly I am looking forward to one way or the other.


1pm, Level 2 – Reception Lounge, Town Hall, CBD, 4th December (Wednesday)

Where and when the physical Infrastructure meets. Will see you there 🙂

Option 8 – of the East-West Link


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