2013/2014 Summer Series #7

The Talking Auckland Summer Series


The Talking Auckland 2013/2014 Summer Series, a collection of photos, quips, and light stories from around Auckland over the ChristmasNew Year run. Normal Talking Auckland commentary will resume from 13th January, 2014.

Note: Summer Series Post 4.2 will be up early next week once I trek out to get the rest of the photos :-)


Summer Series Post #7

Auckland population density


Some highlights from  at Stats Chat

name location people/sq km
1 Auckland Central East Auckland City 10911
2 Auckland Central West Auckland City 10032
3 Grafton West Auckland City 6414
4 Eden Terrace Auckland City 5550
5 Burbank Manukau City 5180


You can read the rest over in Stats Chat – http://www.statschat.org.nz/2013/12/29/auckland-population-density/ – where 15 of the top 30 were located in the Manukau City area, 14 in the Auckland isthmus area, and one in West Auckland. And before some bright spark points it out I am aware the top four spots are occupied by the CBD and CBD fringes. One would expect that wouldn’t they?

For the rest I did find the top 30 somewhat surprising but some what expected to if one factors in Socio-Economic demographics to a limited extent as well.