2013/2014 Summer Series #6

The Talking Auckland Summer Series


The Talking Auckland 2013/2014 Summer Series, a collection of photos, quips, and light stories from around Auckland over the ChristmasNew Year run. Normal Talking Auckland commentary will resume from 13th January, 2014.

Note: Summer Series Post 4.2 will be up early next week once I trek out to get the rest of the photos 🙂


Summer Series Post #6

Auckland: Fine, Rest of northern North Island: Flooding

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So the great post Christmas rush out of Auckland coupled with the annual if not biannual flooding of holiday towns that Aucklanders go to through the Summer Break occurs. While those still “stuck” back in the big City (like me) are enjoying some fine weather, bit of wind and plenty of heat. And as the pictures above and as eyeonauckland 2 ‏@urbanexploreAKL on Twitter show it is very quiet in Auckland . Even my local KFC in Papakura which has queues back onto the Great South Road after all the Sunday Church services across the area was dead with just a single car in the drive thru.

And yes I am quite enjoying a quiet Summer Break back here in Auckland.


Forecast for New Years however, is looking good! 😀