Playing Around with Street Mix

Street Mix in Manukau City Centre


Thanks to Hamish over in Transport Blog (in regards to the Lincoln Road upgrade (or downgrade depending on your point of view)) I have been playing around with this Street-Mix application for the past couple of hours. The website is and loads up on your web browser.

Despite some limitations the application gives a general feel on how a street look out with all its different combinations.

I have been trying different combinations for the Manukau City Centre area in trying to get the area out of its autocentric past and into a people friendly future (part of the Super Metropolitan Centre concepts).

The pictures below are some of the first attempts of making the street-scape more people friendly in the Manukau City Centre area. Again there are limitations to the application such as the Light Rail on Manukau Station Road would be elevated and not at ground level. None-the-less the foot print for the supporting pylons would still be relatively equal compared to the light rail being at ground level. You will also notice with Manukau Station Road I have moved the bus lanes to the centre rather than the flanks of the road. This is due to no bus-stops on Manukau Station Road owing to the proximity of the Manukau Transport Interchange at Davis Avenue. Having the bus lanes in the centre also means the buses do not need to cross general traffic when turning right into Davis Avenue from Manukau Station Road, and turning right into the Great South Road heading towards Manurewa again from Manukau Station Road. As for the bike lane appearing behind the bus stop on Ronwood Avenue, check this article out (thanks Bryce): Riding around the bus stop

Overtime I will add more pictures and updated pictures.

The reference picture to get your bearings:

The first street-mix attempts


Click for full size.

Source and Reference:


Will spend more time playing around with the application later today.