More Manukau Street Mix Attempts

The Road Corridors down here are SO WIDE


After the initial play around with the Street Mix (Playing Around with Street Mix) earlier today I decided to “draw-up” some more Street-Mixes for the wider Manukau City Centre area and northern approaches (southern approaches being worked on at the moment).

The reference map from Google can be seen below:

More Manukau City Centre Street Mix Mock Ups:

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Note of some of the Manukau Street Mixes

  • All light rail and associated light rail transit stations are elevated above the road ways
  • Cavendish Drive does have associated elevated light rail. However, due to constraints on the road width and the limitations of Street Mix I did not add the Light Rail as I would have done with the other corridors. Also any transit stops on Cavendish Drive are for both bus and the elevated light rail
  • There are no bus stops on the Great South Road between the Manukau Station Road Intersection and Cavendish Drive Intersection. Area is served by light rail transit stops in which the Botany-Manukau-Airport Line and Manukau Loop would serve (both lines connect to other bus stops and the Manukau Transport Interchange in the nearby area
  • The Great South Road/Canvendish Drive/Te Irirangi Drive Intersection is complex and I will do a further breakdown of that particular intersection in another post
  • Yes I know I spelt Te Irirangi Drive wrong in one of the graphics. Apologies
  • Cavendish Drive has a Sharrow or shared cycle lane/general traffic lane (usually its the green paint treatment in Auckland). I am aware how busy that road is. I am inclined but can not again due to application limitations turn footpaths into shared paths. Cavendish Drive would be a shared path
  • Puhinui Road/Great South Road Intersection you will notice has two bus lanes in one of the graphics. The most right hand of the two is for buses to have priority access into Reagan Road while the most left bus lane is for straight through traffic

Again you can find Street-Mix here:


Tomorrow or Monday I will upload the southern approaches to Manukau.


3 thoughts on “More Manukau Street Mix Attempts

  1. Ditch the 3m wide planting strip on Cavendish Drive and you have room for bike lanes. In my opinion, ‘sharrows’ are not a suitable treatment for 50kmh roads especially, busy 50 kmh roads.

    1. Planting strip is still there for Cavendish Drive as it will in the long run contain the pylons for the elevated Light Rail I had “planned for the area”

      I will continue to tinker with Canvendish Drive including (the application doesn’t though) making the footpath a shared path (one of two I think I had for Manukau in the end)

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