Do Not Forget Your Unitary Plan, and Annual Plan Submissions

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Do not forget to send in your submissions for both the Unitary Plan and the Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 by their respective dates.

The Unitary Plan deadline is close of business on the 28th February while the Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 deadline is 4pm Monday 24th February.


All your Unitary Plan information can be found at these two websites:


Be aware that to participate in the second submission round and the hearings later next year you MUST have sent in your first submission by the end of this month.


The Draft Annual Plan 2014/2015 (the annual budget document) can be found here:

Again to attend the hearings panel or forums on the Annual Plan you must have your formal submission handed in by the deadline first.


More chances to submit will be out later in the year when the Area Plans and Local Board Plan come out as well – so stay tuned