8,900 Submissions to the Unitary Plan

8,900 counted so far


I sent a question away to Auckland Council on how many submissions for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) as news around the PAUP has gone quiet at the moment.


The count so far for submissions stands at a rather impressive 8,900 approximate count. The Unitary Plan team is still processing the submissions while weeding out double ups and processing any late submissions could alter the final count.


At 8,900 and mostly to hit 9,000 before we start the second submission round next month the Hearings process is going to be rather flat-out if all the submitters want to have their say before Commissioners.

More information on the further submission round should be out early next month. Any one will be able to submit in that round regardless if you submitted in the first round or not.


My Submission to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan